The Audition – Free Spanking Photos From Februs 39

A selection of free spanking photos featuring Aura from Februs 39. 

The stairs are steep and allow plenty of time for reflection before they reach their destination. She is wondering whether Miguel has told her the whole story; there is something going on that she doesn’t quite understand. He is worried that Aura will let him down at the last moment and is torn between pausing to tell her more or reaching Paula’s flat as quickly as possible and hoping she’ll be too impressed (intrigued?) to leave. Paula Meadows greets them warmly and tells the girl to make herself comfortable while she conducts a whisper-level conversation with Miguel. They discuss Aura’s suitability as a waitress and participant at an upcoming party. To demonstrate the point Miguel helps Aura to stand and raises her short purple skirt to show off what can only be described as a wholesome rump decorated by a pair of tiny mauve panties. No pert little buttocks these, just two amazingly round, inviting, ripe bottom cheeks that all but have ‘spank me’ written across them…

Sadly only one photo featuring Paula Meadows survives in the Janus archive from this shoot (it’s a partial one but we’ve included it anyway) but we hope you enjoy seeing this selection of unpublished photos of Aura receiving a severe spanking. You can see more of Aura’s punishment and read the rest of this Julie Holmes story by downloading a copy of Februs 39 – just click on the highlighted link.


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