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I watch, I wait, I wish. Will-o’-the-wisp-like, my presence peers; sheer joy to see her standing there in checked shift apron, the dominant masculine force overwhelming her fragile form.

Am I a spirit? Shh! – you will see, but through me you will feel and experience all. Certainly the two tailed tawse is real enough as Tania soon will know. I feel her tremble, the nerves in her stomach fluttering with fear-thrills. Her face is like wine to me, becomes my own fear.

‘Head up girl! Stand to attention, hands to your sides!’ The leather lifts her chin and she stiffens, straightens, buttocks clenching as mine do. The man’s deep tones quicken my heartbeat; the strong fist grips, almost rips the apron-cloth away. The tawse slaps Tania’s naked hip and I, too, nearly shriek  as the pain spurts, making her gasp, I, too feel it’s burning kiss; yet, equally, I am grasping the leather, feeling it’s weight and pliancy, loving the way it flicks and stings that flinching flesh.

Tania’s bare bottom is plump, firm, sweet to the sight, springy-soft. Proud of it’s soft curves, I want to have mine touched with hard, firm pain; just as, like him, I can scarcely restrain myself from swinging that tawse with a whistling crack against those tempting mounds and feel the hurt splash through them!      

We are pleased to feature a selection of high quality photos from Tania Hicks appearance in Janus 88. To download a copy of this magazine (and discover the identity of the mysterious narrator) click on the highlighted link.

Check out our Free Spanking Photos page where you’ll find links to a large selection of images from Janus and Februs.

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