Sweet Music – Janus 21 (Part 1)

Record producer Robert Ricks is a man of considerable talent and expertise – hence the many silver discs which adorn the walls of his St John’s Wood, London home. One of several relatively recent rewards for his achievements has been the acquisition of a very pretty live-in girlfriend cum unpaid assistant named Cynthia – ‘Sin’ to everyone. Under Rob Ricks’ roof, all Sin’s needs are catered for – including, most importantly of all, Sin’s sexual needs. Right now Robert Ricks is caning her as a punishment for flirting with some long haired young singer.

He really intends to thrash her this time but only manages to deliver three painfully stinging strokes before his doorbell starts to chime frenziedly. Sin doesn’t know whether to feel relieved or frustrated when her lord and master angrily decrees that she now has to stand up, pull up her white knickers and adjust her white tunic so that she can let in the first of his afternoon appointments.

‘Coral Posey’, sir’ Sin says softly, ushering the attractive dark-haired singer in for her audition…

To see more you can download a copy of Janus 21 by clicking on the highlighted link. Check back on New Year’s Day for further images from this photo-story.

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