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Februs 046 Digital Edition
Februs 046 Digital Edition
Februs 046 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Februs 46. CARRIE MACK – FEBRUS 46  Beneath the Tartan Plaid’ tells the story of aspiring young star Carrie Mack and a ‘motivational session’ delivered by her manager, Sonia Firbank.

Only her most gullible fans believed she was really just 18. Carrie was exactly what they wanted her to be, young, naughty and incorrigible. ‘So when are you filming?’ Sonia asked. ‘We’re starting around nine, with lighting and make up and everything beforehand,’ Carrie was nervous; this was where it started to get serious. ‘Good. Excellent. Okay, so let’s check you over. Raise your skirt.’ Sonia eyed the younger woman’s sensible white cotton panties with amused approval. ‘Excellent. And your bra?’ Apparently not so excellent. ‘Too much lace, I’ve told you before, keep it plain: frills are tarty, not naughty and what do we want Carrie Mack to be?’

‘Naughty, very, very naughty.’

‘That’s right and what happens to naughty girls like Carrie Mack?’

‘They get punished. They get spanked; they have to learn their lesson; to get what they deserve.’ Carrie’s gentle accent imbued the words with a natural eroticism that could never have been cultivated by a voice coach…

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