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Blushes 31 Digital Edition
Blushes 31 Digital Edition
Blushes 31 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Blushes 31.

File Size: 75 MB

After you purchase the product you will be sent an email containing a link to the digital product. This will link to a zip file containing the original Cover Artwork and the magazine in PDF format.

This is a scanned magazine to view of 4 page free sampler please click HERE

With thanks to Blushes.

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Company Policy
"Blushes 31 is one of my favorite issues. The reason I find this publication so appealing is a story entitled "Company Policy" which is located towards the end of the magazine. The tale involves a young lady by the name of Jane who is sent away to be educated by a certain older gentleman by the name of Mr. Vincent. Her education involves her having to stay with Mr. Vincent for a period of time at his private residence (of course). Mr. Vincent is a man who has a firm philosophy in regard to training young ladies. He believes "stage one" should involve strong discipline with the cane after which the girl is made more docile and submissive. "Stage two" of Mr.Vincent's philosophy comes very quickly and while the girl is still in a submissive state of mind. My favorite line in the story is towards the end when, after her caning, Mr. Vincent takes Jane up to her bedroom and says, "Just relax, Janey. I know just what a young girl needs now." Overall, this issue is marvelous. The stories are well conceived and the pictures are stunning. The model who portrays Jane in the above mentioned story is fabulous and she appears fully nude leaving nothing to the imagination. This issue is a classic. For any corporal punishment enthusiast, this is a must have!!!"
Jun 05 2013, 07:36 AMby Doc Sexaday

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