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Janus 088 Digital Edition
Janus 088 Digital Edition
Janus 088 Digital Edition
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  This is a digital edition of Janus 88. WHAT SHE WANTS

The focus of this  lesser-known photo fantasy is ‘What She Wants’ from Janus 88, which was published in 1991. It features a very cheeky looking young lady called Nicky who admits she is in need of a firm hand. Sadly she finds she has to coax her boyfriend to discipline her – I suspect very few readers here would need such encouragement to deal with Nicky!

Please click the link above to  enjoy a small selection of images from the photo story.

The magazine also contains a wonderful ‘Reader’s Confession’ from 26-year-old Miss Dianne F, a nurse from Canada who was living and working in Dorset. Extensive correspondence convinced the editorial team of the authenticity of her account of a deepening friendship with her widowed English landlady…well worth reading.

File Size: 80 MB

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This is a scanned magazine to view of 4 page free sampler please click HERE


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