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Janus 020 Digital Edition
Janus 020 Digital Edition
Janus 020 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Janus 20. ANTONIA DU BOIS

Janus 20 is a classic and would probably be near the top of most reader’s lists of all time favourite issues. The cover features the stunningly beautiful Antonia du Bois with tears running down her cheeks and her hands on her head - she has clearly been well punished.

‘The Punishment Officer’ is a superb photo story set in a residential finishing academy attended by Antonia and the equally lovely Diane Parsons. Both women receive a punishment order and are sent to see the Punishment Officer, who administers the prescribed sentence for their crime. Diana receives eight hard strokes of the triple tailed tawse for ‘talking after lights out’, but its twelve strokes of the cane for Antonia for gross insubordination.

Antonia is very much the star of Janus 20 because she also appears in a special feature on the new Janus video ‘The Disciplinarian’ which you can download here. The colour plates in the centre of the magazine are fantastic and vividly capture the marks of her punishment with riding crop and cane. Sadly Antonia only appeared once more in the pages of Janus but her interview in Janus 24 (and photos from another severe caning) left an indelible impression on reader’s minds.

Elsewhere Richard Manton invites us to Budapest to ponder one or two painstakingly researched reconstructions of punishments past in ‘Laura…Janina…Tania’ and also comments on recent Janus readers’ letters. Paula contributes a great cartoon strip ‘Late Home…Again!’ and readers’ letters include an account of a Dutch domestic punishment and, intriguingly, a 21-year-old girl known to the editor describes her experiences of being spanked.  

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