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Janus 018 Digital Edition
Janus 018 Digital Edition
Janus 018 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Janus 18. KRISTEN AND NORELLE – REVISITED

Janus 18 features the only appearance of junior arts and crafts teacher Jennifer Simmonds. She is spanked and caned by Dr Keiths and receives a dose of the hairbrush for good measure. It’s an excellent photo fantasy full of tension and tears. What a shame we never got to discover how her teaching career progressed!

As far as fiction goes R. T. Mason writes about the Burton Manor Training Institute for errant wives and Evadne Richards describes the consequences for Judith of breaking ‘Rule 28’ at Tapperwell’s Secretarial Academy. In ‘Elke and Helena – Discipline at the Flick of a Switch’ Richard Manton continues his account from issue 17 of the moral leadership course for German girls.

The second photo fantasy lets us observe how Kristen’s stepsister, Norelle, aims to curb her use of illegal drugs with the cane. Midway through the punishment Kristen’s boyfriend returns and unfortunately for Norelle she finds her own bottom in the firing line.

Readers’ letters include the suggestion of themed issues around discipline in different countries, details of a lodger who saw his landlady punish her daughters and a vivid account of an unforgettable Scottish strapping.

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