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Janus 016 Digital Edition
Janus 016 Digital Edition
Janus 016 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Janus 16. THE TREATMENT

The front cover of Janus 16 features 19-year-old Mrs Louise Anderson – a blushing bride in every sense of the word! Louise gets something of a shock on her wedding night when she discovers her husband is about to enforce her promise to love honour and obey. ‘The Wedding’ is a charming domestic discipline photo fantasy.

Richard Manton’s now regular contribution is entitled ‘Top Girls with Bottom Marks’. We are introduced to ‘Alec, the disaffected ex comprehensive school teacher turned successful antiquarian bookseller’ who acts out punishment dramas ‘with pert, freckled Valerie, little blonde Linda, well mannered, trusting and arousing Sandra, his sadistic, mysterious wife Monica and slender, beautiful, reckless and desperate Julie, the teenage nymph who learns to love both the cane and him’. Full of choice disciplinary language it’s a great story and there would appear to be no limit to Richard’s appetite or imagination.

The second photo fantasy ‘The Treatment’ is a gem. We drop in on five days in the life of secretary Serena James as she receives the ruler, the five-tailed tawse and the cane - a forgotten classic.

‘Case Histories’ by A.C. Ormskirk publishes some case studies from a Doctoral Theses on the subject of adult corporal punishment in present day society. As a piece of fiction it works well.

Readers’ letters include praise for Janus 14, RT from Oxford describes the punishments he administers to his partner Anna (with photos to prove it), ‘Miss Smarting Bot’ tells of her painful upbringing in Blackpool and MH from London describes his experiences as a professionally employed psychologist and punishment consultant – good work if you can find it! 
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