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Janus 068 Digital Edition
Janus 068 Digital Edition
Janus 068 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Janus 68. 


Janus 68 saw the final appearance of one of its best-loved and most fondly remembered models. Nicola Redway returned by popular demand following three previous appearances with Priscilla Waters in Janus 23, 46 and 48. This was her only solo photostory and it’s a joy. It captures all the nervous anticipation of a forthcoming punishment (something Janus, Roue and Blushes always did so well) and concludes with an elegant caning.

The wonderful short story ‘And Having Writ…’by Julie Holmes and Stephen Sims is an exchange of letters from the 1800’s between a household mistress and a purveyor of domestic implements. It works well and could easily be adapted as a terrific kinky episode of Downton Abbey! ‘Dented Rear’ by Andrew Grantham describes how Louise must pay a price for crashing her husband’s BMW.

The second photo feature ‘Older Woman, Younger Woman’ features the lovely Leigh receiving the riding crop and readers’ letters include details of a mechanical thrashing device and some rather dodgy poetry.

Janus 68 is a fitting finale for Nicola Redway. Twenty-three years since her last appearance it’s no surprise she is still the subject of nostalgic posts on many message boards today.

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