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Janus 011 Digital Edition
Janus 011 Digital Edition
Janus 011 Digital Edition
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 This is a digital edition of Janus 11.

The front cover of Janus 11 features an enticing photo of a young lady fetching the cane from a cupboard. The caning she receives is depicted across five beautiful colour plates that perfectly highlight the marks on her bottom.
As far as fiction goes ‘The Major’s Duty’ tells of a break in at the house of Major Charles Wentworth and his wife by young Sally Truman. The Major threatens to involve the police unless Sally agrees to a painful and salutary alternative. ‘The Schooling of Lady Caroline’ recounts, through an exchange of letters, the events that lead to a proud Victorian heiress receiving a vigorous bare bottom birching at the hands of a suitor who won’t take no for an answer. The series of ‘Victorian’ spanking, caning and birching photos that accompany the story are excellent.
‘Collector’s Corner’ is a supplement to the Janus A-Z of film spankings and includes some delightful photos from a number of films but it’s the image from the then recently released Postriziny (Cutting it Short) that stands out. A good selection of readers’ letters includes details of some wonderful bottom enhancing garments, suggested punishment regulations, thoughts of Chrissie Hynde and a young Wren describes a caning from her commanding officer.

 The Major's Duty/ The Schooling of Lady Caroline/ A Price to Pay/ More Genetics At Work/ Collector's Corner Update/ Readers' Letters

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