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Janus 010 Digital Edition
Janus 010 Digital Edition
Janus 010 Digital Edition
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Janus Number 10 stood out as it had a brown paper cover (and a cover price of £3.00!)

The main photo feature is an outdoor shoot "If you go down to the woods today" telling the story of Branksome girls boarding school and one its pupils - Lisa who was caught out of bounds by one of the masters Mr Teddy Edwards.The clever thing about this feature is that there is little written dialogue with the story being presented in a series of colour plates.

The first story (supported by some original pencil illustrations) is called Mrs Templeton's Remedy which starts to tell the story of a girl called Karen whose heartthrob is the French teacher - Mr Adams. we in fact do not know whether Mr Adams spanks Karen until issue 12.

Following this story is a a tale that revolves around a music lesson and how the incentive of a plastic ruler helps a young lady hit the right notes on her flugel horn.

There is an first, extraordinary and authentic interview with a Business Consultant who relates his experiences from the United States to England and his broad experiences during hos voyage of discovery.

For those of you that have experienced the joys of the London Underground there is a lovely story written by a woman who whilst working in the City of London relates her spanking experiences whilst traveling on the Central Line to Epping.

In Janus number 8 Part one of a story "I did it my way" was published and this is continued in this edition mentioning different implements and forms of punishment including the hand, Hair brush, slipper, leather straps, riding crop, whips, cane and birch - a lengthy and ground breaking article.

The magazine closes with a further photo story - Fanny by Flashlight and the very popular readers letters covering experiences from the UK and Germany.

All together a great edition to add to any collection!

This is a digital edition of Janus 10. 

File Size: 66 MB

After you purchase the product you will be sent an email containing a link to the digital product. This will link to a zip file containing the original Cover Artwork and the magazine in PDF format.

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