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Janus 014 Digital Edition
Janus 014 Digital Edition
Janus 014 Digital Edition
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 This is a digital edition of Janus 14. THE WAITING IS THE WORST PART…

Janus 14 was the first issue to feature illustrations by Paula Meadows, who had previously appeared as Lesley in Janus 13. Her contributions helped to create a real sense of identity and continuity for the magazine and they were enormously popular with readers. Her first illustration accompanying Richard Manton’s ‘The Man with the Golden Rod’ on page 6 is memorable. James Miles is carrying out his duties at the reformatory – one hand holds Judith in place as the other raises the cane behind her.

The photo story ‘Last in Line’ introduces us to Michelle as she waits outside the Principal’s office listening to ‘the high pitched swish of the cane as it descends towards its target’. The images of her touching her toes with her knickers down are superb, especially the colour plate on page 36. Michelle would go on to feature as Deputy Head Girl Slocombe in ‘The St Winifred’s Trilogy’ which can be downloaded here and a full review with colour stills appears in Janus 15 which is also available as a digital download.

The second photo story ‘The Master’ features two maids on the receiving end of the cane. The colour photos are especially good and ‘Angela’ would also go on to appear in the ‘St Winifred’s Trilogy’.

‘The Punishment Book’ by ‘Tom Horner describes Anthony Conrad’s last day as headmaster at St Edmund’s and contributions from readers includes a wonderful account of a relationship that came about through the Privilege Club prefaced by an introduction from the much missed Gordon Sergeant.

With the publication of issue 14 all the elements of the successful formula of ‘Modern Janus’ were in place.

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A Master and His Maids/ The Man With The Golden Rod/ Last in Line/ The Punishment Book/ Thursday/ Privileged Information/ Readers Letters

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