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Janus 019 Digital Edition
Janus 019 Digital Edition
Janus 019 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Janus 19. SCHOOLGIRL SCREEN TEST

Polly's Punishments/ Miss Johns/ Miss Grey/ Schoolgirl Screen Test/ Doctor's Orders/ Readers' Letters

What is there to say about the legendary Janus 19? I say ‘legendary’ because most collectors would agree that unless you bought a copy hot off the press in 1983 it was so hard to find many of us wondered if Janus 19 had ever existed at all!
It’s status as one of the finest issues Janus ever produced is well deserved. With the ‘schoolgirl’ theme running throughout this issue has everything:
  • ‘Polly’s Punishments’ is a realistic and severe photostory which was reprinted a couple of times in later issues, most notably in Janus 148.
  • Paula Meadows evocative schoolroom drawings accompany the three featured stories.
  • The supporting photostory ‘Schoolgirl Screen Test’ is also a classic with some great reaction shots.
  • Readers’ letters includes a lengthy contribution from Lynn W (page 60) reminiscing about her private school education in Glasgow. Her boyfriend has thoughtfully shared with us four colour photos of her in her old school uniform – a delight!
Janus 19 is a heady brew! This digital copy was taken from an original magazine in near mint condition.

File Size: 45 MB

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This is a scanned magazine to view of 4 page free sampler please click HERE

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