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Encore Janus 011 Digital Edition
Encore Janus 011 Digital Edition
Encore Janus 011 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Encore Janus 11.

File Size: 101 MB

Encore Janus 11 features a further eighty incredible photos of Nicola and Priscilla.

The girls appeared together for the final time when they were interviewed in Janus 48. Very few of these images have ever been seen in this quality and there are quite a few here that have never been published before. Vic Barnes really does capture both girl’s playful personalities with these candid photos.

Nicola’s swan song came two years later in Janus 68. Looking as lovely as ever, she returned to get the cane – by popular demand, no doubt! What an elegant caning it is. Replete with images of nervous anticipation, impact shots and punishment marks, Nicola departs with a well caned bottom.

A long-time Janus fan once told me that the images of these photo stories remain burnt on his brain! I’m sure he’s not alone. Hopefully this collection, together with Encore Janus 10, will refresh those memories with detail and clarity that couldn’t be seen thirty years ago.

After you purchase the product you will be sent an email containing a link to the digital product. This will link to a zip file containing the original Cover Artwork and the magazine in PDF format.

This is a scanned magazine to view of 4 page free sampler please click HERE

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