Six of the Best Spanking Magazines

We are often asked by new visitors to this site who are discovering the delights of UK spanking magazines for the first time, ‘what should I download first?’ Of course, that’s a difficult question to answer because so much of it depends on individual taste. However, we asked our resident archivist, Jon Rayworth, to pick six magazines that would be a good starting point for those new to all this wonderful material. Here then are his ‘six of the best’:

Janus 15

Janus Spanking Magazine

Janus 15 was the first issue to be produced by the new editorial team where all the popular and successful elements of the Janus formula clicked smoothly into place. It includes a beautifully shot, severe photo fantasy about a shoplifter who is prepared to accept the cane as an alternative to the law. The legendary Paula Meadows contributes artwork that perfectly compliments some excellent fiction plus the St. Winifred’s trilogy of spanking films gets a full review and photo spread.

Janus 19

Janus Spanking Magazine

Janus 19 was another popular early edition and it is the most downloaded spanking magazine on the site. The ‘schoolgirls’ special contains two severe photo stories. ‘Polly’s Punishments’ and ‘Schoolgirl Screen Test’ are among the best photo fantasies the magazine produced and are matched by the quality of the three original pieces of fiction, all of which are on the same theme. There are also some wonderful colour photos of reader and regular contributor Lynn W in her school uniform at the back of the magazine.

Blushes 3

Blushes Spanking Magazine

Blushes was renowned for it’s evocative photographic style and ‘girl next door’ models. Blushes 3 is a showcase for these qualities and much more. We follow the punishment of one young lady (who was to become Sally in the film ‘Sally’s First Lesson’) throughout a 24-hour cycle. Poor Sally is punished in the bathroom, the garden, the parlour, the sitting room and first thing in the morning, in the bedroom. The punishments of other young ladies in domestic situations are also featured along with some appropriately themed fiction. A true collectors’ edition.

Uniform Girls 18

Uniform Girls Spanking Mag

There were so many wonderful issues to come out of the Blushes stable but Uniform Girls 18 may have been the best of the lot! If you enjoy seeing women in nurses’ uniforms getting their bottoms spanked and caned, this magazine is a delight from start to finish. Highlights include cherub-faced probationer Teresa Taylor undressing slowly for the cane, an agency nurse gets her comeuppance and a futuristic view of the profession is depicted in ‘Nursing 1995′!

Roue 8

Roue Spanking Magazine

The cover of Roue 8 depicts a young lady kneeling on her bed with her skirt up and her knickers down. To the outside world she is just looking out of her window, but we can see her bare bottom and we know she is waiting for her punishment. Early issues of Roue specialised in capturing the rituals of corporal punishment. Culprits are formally positioned, knickers are carefully removed and the fear and anticipation is etched on the faces of those awaiting their sanction. This issue is a good example of Roue at the peak of its creative power.

Roue 16

Roue Spanking Magazine

Roue 16 is a personal favourite. On the cover, a young woman waits by a chair with a cane hanging off the back of it. Inside, knickers round her knees, she looks back at us with a mixture of shame and dread. The magazine contains an eclectic selection of secretaries and ‘school girls’ most of whom take their own knickers down for punishment. The photos of the secretary accompanying the story ‘Kathy’s Uncle’ are burned on my brain since youth! The colour centre spread is also a delight.

If you are new to the world of vintage spanking magazines we hope you find these selections a good place to start. All these magazines can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted links. If you are a long-time reader or collector then why not recommend your favourite magazines by posting a comment to this article using the link below.

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