Recovering the past…

Regular visitors to this page will know that we have been appealing to collectors to try and find some of our early missing Janus videos. I’m delighted to report this week has seen a number of old titles returned to the archive. 

We’re very grateful to Tam for tracking down ‘The Dressing Lesson’, ‘The Swimming Pool’ ‘Low Marks’ and ‘Cane for Jane’. All of these films were originally shown in the viewing booths in the Janus Shop in the early 80’s. The picture quality is not of today’s standards but there is something special about these old movies that to me makes them more interesting than much of the content produced today. 

Perhaps what makes them different is the effort the filmmakers put in to telling a story (sometimes, it must be said, without great success!) or perhaps it was because the models had not already appeared many times in other productions. Who knows – perhaps this correspondent is just getting old and nostalgic!

So for starters we hope you enjoy this short clip from ‘The Swimming Pool’…

We’ve also managed to find a seven-minute section of the film ‘Auntie gets Angry’ in somewhat low quality. The film was described in Janus as follows: ‘Untidy Elizabeth is given a thorough spanking – first on the seat of her tight knickers then on her bare bottom. Her Auntie also slaps her legs before taking off her belt and administering this to the whimpering girl’s buttocks. Then it’s upstairs to the girl’s room where she is bent over the stool for a bare bottomed dose of the cane.’ 

We thought you might like to see the section of film that has been recovered…

You can view a full selection of all of our classic videos available to download here.

If you are able to help us track down any of our missing films please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

A list of the films we are still after can be found here and as a ‘thank you’ we’d be pleased to offer a selection of complementary downloads from our online shop.

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