Prefect Punishment – Janus 137

Lucy Naylor has just turned eighteen and attends a school which incorporates tertiary education. Soon enough she’ll be at college, but right now she still wears a school uniform. The fact that Lucy’s a Prefect doesn’t stop her being admonished. In fact it makes any offenses she might commit all the more serious, because she’s supposed to set an example to the younger girls. Two evenings ago she was seen by the head teacher outside a pub, somewhat heady on drink, smoking a cigarette and talking to boys – a disgrace to the school that couldn’t be overlooked.

Now in the after-lessons stillness, as she applies herself to her punishment chores, she can’t help wondering how she might have been dealt with at this school in years gone by. How would it have been? How would it have felt to hear the dreaded words ‘Bend over, Miss Naylor’? Lucy is about to find out…

We hope you enjoy seeing this selection of published and unpublished photos of Lucy Naylor from the Janus archive. If you’d like to see more of Lucy you can download a digital copy of Janus 137 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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