Personal Trainer – Janus 114

Whenever Rocky Gordano got back from a tour with his group ‘Satan’s Angels’, he was well overdue for a workout with his personal fitness trainer to get him in condition for the next round of gigs. Not for him, however, a pectoral-packed powerhouse along the lines of Mister Motivator – oh no! For Rocky, it was a slimline peach called Annabel Larch who only a year or so ago was a Great Britain gymnast with all the trimmings.

Rocky’s tour of the provinces had lasted three weeks and there was a fair bit of ground to make up. But there was something else, too. Both knew it, and wondered who would dare to speak it. ‘Been a good girl while I have been away?’ Annabel shuffled her feet and looked down. Her voice was smaller when she spoke. ‘I’m afraid I haven’t been awfully good, no.’

If there were a prize for the top fashion faux pas in a Janus photo shoot I suspect it would be awarded to Rocky Gordano. The stars and stripes shorts and headband looked pretty awful when this photo story was produced in 1996 and it’s fair to say the passage of time has not improved the look! That said Annabel Larch looks lovelier than ever in her tight satin shorts. They are eventually taken down to reveal a perfect bottom most deserving of a good spanking.

We hope you enjoy this selection of published and unpublished spanking photos from the Janus archive. To see the rest of this photo fantasy you can download a copy of Janus 114 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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