Permanent Possibility of Sensation – Free Spanking Photos

Free Spanking Photos from Februs 19.

‘What happened last time you disappointed me, Muriel?’

I swallowed hard, I stood demurely to attention, I met his eyes with mine and whispered, ‘You spanked me.’

‘I “spanked you”. Bit of an understatement, I’d have thought. I seem to remember tanning your backside so hard and so long that you couldn’t wear underclothes for two days and my hand was too numb to hold the cutlery at dinner.’

I remember: my body remembered even as he described the event. I forgot the cause of his displeasure, but I definitely recalled the sound of his palm striking my naked bottom; the layers of feelings that went beyond pain, into numbness and back into agony as he slapped remorselessly at my juddering flesh; the scent of warm skin that built up and pervaded the room.

Standing there before him, once more inspiring his wrath, I felt an ominous warm expansion at the top of my legs, a tautening of my nipples, a cool shiver down my spine. He said it would be even harsher if I angered him again…

We hope you enjoy seeing this selection of unpublished photos of Muriel’s punishment – we’ve discovered some delightful ‘impact shots’ in the Janus archive which are appearing for the first time. To see and read more of this photo fantasy you can download a copy of Februs 19 by clicking on the highlighted links.

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