Our Handmaid Unheeding – Februs 15

Fleur Blondel can just about make out the deep voice on the phone. It is muffled by the heavy door but she can hear every word. She hears the receiver replaced and responds with alacrity when summoned to enter Robert Hemmings’ office. The desk separates them but not for long. Her boss stands and tells her to come closer. He is displeased.

‘Fleur, I don’t know what you think you were doing, but my girls do not visit clients dressed as if they were about to weed the garden.’ As he speaks, he tugs at her baggy beige jumper and eyes her jeans disdainfully. ‘This company provides educated, charming, obliging young women to high income business men requiring secretarial or hostess services. We do not supply call-girls or charladies – and we most definitely do not send out students trying to make a few shillings in their spare time which is the image you seem to want to promote.’

She hangs her head. Fleur has heard rumours of how Mr Hemmings deals with girls who let down the reputation of the company…

We hope you enjoy this selection of published and unpublished photos of Fleur’s punishment. To see more, download a copy of Februs 15 by clicking on the highlighted link. The magazine also includes a fascinating introduction to spanking on the internet in 1996 – it will certainly raise a few smiles and bring back some memories.

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