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We’ve just added three new spanking magazines to our Online Shop for the weekend. Janus Vol.4 No.11, Blushes Vol.2 No.23 and Uniform Girls Vol.2 No.12 are all available to download by clicking on the highlighted links.

One of our regular customers, Doc Sexaday, has been reviewing his favourite Blushes and Uniform Girls Spanking magazines. We’ve gathered Doc’s most recent reviews together below:


Blushes 26

“This issue is great. The pictures and stories are very well done. Top quality all the way from beginning to end. The best story is entitled “Teen Queen” which is about a young lady who wants to try out for the local beauty contest. Prior to her acceptance in the contest, she must be interviewed by several of the local judges (all older gentlemen with a taste for using the cane). The young lady figures she’ll have to do some poses for the men and maybe take some pictures. However, her first interview doesn’t go quite as she expected. Instead of posing in her bathing suit, she has to pose in her birthday suit. From there, things get a little more heated. In the end, she is the “top contestant” for the upcoming pageant. However, her pretty little bottom is somewhat bruised.  The stories in this issue are wonderful and the models are lovely and nubile. If you enjoy seeing sexy young ladies receiving a well deserved spanking, this publication is for you!”

Blushes 31

“Blushes 31 is one of my favorite issues. The reason I find this publication so appealing is a story entitled “Company Policy” which is located towards the end of the magazine. The tale involves a young lady by the name of Jane who is sent away to be educated by a certain older gentleman by the name of Mr. Vincent. Her education involves her having to stay with Mr. Vincent for a period of time at his private residence (of course). Mr. Vincent is a man who has a firm philosophy in regard to training young ladies. He believes “stage one” should involve strong discipline with the cane after which the girl is made more docile and submissive. “Stage two” of Mr.Vincent’s philosophy comes very quickly and while the girl is still in a submissive state of mind. My favorite line in the story is towards the end when, after her caning, Mr. Vincent takes Jane up to her bedroom and says, “Just relax, Janey. I know just what a young girl needs now.”  Overall, this issue is marvelous. The stories are well conceived and the pictures are stunning. The model who portrays Jane in the above mentioned story is fabulous and she appears fully nude leaving nothing to the imagination. This issue is a classic. For any corporal punishment enthusiast, this is a must have!!!”

Blushes 55

“Madeline is a wayward wife who is found guilty of infidelity to her husband. She is sent away to a government correctional facility to receive her proper discipline. Her training involves frequent nudity in front of the male prison staff, corporal punishment as well as a little “reliving of the events in question”. The model who portrays Madeline appeared in several other Blushes publications and she is truly a stunning blonde beauty. She is among my top three favorite spanking models. She is depicted here in all her glory. No spanking enthusiast should be without this publication in his/her library. Five stars all the way.”

Uniform Girls Vol.2 No.3

“This is hands down the best issue that I have seen from Blushes. The story “All for Gillian” is phenomenal. In the story, Gillian is away on vacation with her “uncle” at a posh hotel. Her uncle is a strong believer in corporal punishment and proves it by having Gillian’s clothes off for frequent demonstrations for little or no reason whatsoever. He ends up bringing one of the hotel waiters into his little game and leaves Gillian alone with him before telling her to “do whatever he says”. Needless to say, the waiter wants a little more than just spanking Gillian’s bare bottom. The model who portrays Gillian is among my favorites. Her facial expressions in the photos are very believable (if you can manage to take your eyes off of the rest of her adorable body). She is simply lovely. I highly recommend this issue for the pictures alone. Not to mention the highly stimulating stories. This is a good buy and should be a part of any spanking connoisseurs’ collection.”

Finally this week we recieved a lovely addition to our ‘Janus Memories’ page from AW:

“Back in about 86 I had discovered that my uni friend Beverly was somewhat desperate to experience a school caning. So it didn’t take any more encouragement other than telling her where in London she could go and purchase a school cane from. A week later we met at her flat and there and behold she had bought a crook handled cane. I asked her how she got it. She told me the story of her going in disguise, blonde wig, thick make up and choosing the cane. She still remembers it to this day and better still the fact that when she walked behind the black doors she was astounded to discover there were more women in the shop than there were men ! Some 25 years later we had a party in London with some current well known spanking models and I introduced Beverly to them as the girl who, together with Janus, had brought us all together.”

If these contributions inspire you to review your favourite magazines or share your Janus memories, then drop us a line at

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