New Phoenix, London Life and Blushes Spanking Magazines

The latest digital spanking magazines to be added to the Janus Online shop are an eclectic mix of vintage titles. Of particular interest is the Phoenix Special Issue celebrating the drawings of Hans Braun. Copies of this magazine are almost impossible to find, and for good reason. Many of the individual drawings (see below) have appeared on different sites over the years and this magazine is the likely source. The editorial sets out why this has become such a sought after issue:

In this issue the texts have been chosen to illustrate the pictures rather than the other way round: our primary purpose being to bring together as many as possible of the drawings of Hans Braun: 56 in fact – 16 of them never reproduced in this country before.

Braun, a civil engineer from Munich says that he went to a school where corporal punishment was an established part of the curriculum and later learned to draw in a rudimentary way at the college of engineering. Structures were his professional interest but the structure and form of female bottoms became a private obsession – perhaps just because they had been so notably absent in his monastic schooldays. His knowledge of the architecture of the bottom comes from the bedroom, he informs us, rather than from the life classes of an art school and he still likes to regard himself as an enthusiastic amateur in relationship to the subject matter illustrated here. 

The Phoenix Hans Braun Drawings Special along with London Life Vol.1 No.5 and Dear Blushes 60 are available to download by clicking on the highlighted links.


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