New Digital Downloads Added

Check out the latest additions to our range of popular digital downloads. New titles added this week include Janus 34, Roue 5, 25 and 26. (The front cover of Roue 25 is a tremendous portrait of nervous anticipation.)

Janus 34, which was published in 1984 includes a wonderful photo fantasy ‘Hankering for a Spanking’ written by the then editor Peter French. Often the photo stories were linked in some way to previous issues and ‘Hankering for a Spanking’ is no exception. Marianne Burnham is single for the first time since she was 16. Her ex-boyfriend, schoolteacher Neil Harvey, has walked out on her for a younger model – Nicola Redway. (Neil’s encounter with Nicola appears in Janus 23.) Marianne enjoys having her bottom smacked and she desperately needs to be punished. She finds herself daydreaming that Neil is coming round tonight…

Surprisingly this photo story was never revisited in later editions of the magazine so we hope you enjoy this selection of images from the Janus archive. You can download a copy Janus 34 by clicking on the links above.

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