More Classic Janus Videos Recovered

Slowly but surely we are gradually recovering a number of Janus videos that have been missing from our archive for many years. Thanks to Tam and Nigel we’ve recently recovered ‘The Piano Lesson’, ‘The Spelling Lesson’ and ‘Mummy, Daddy and Naughty Daughter’. All of these films were originally shown in the viewing booths in the Janus Shop in the early 80’s.

You can download each film by clicking on the highlighted link but we thought you’d enjoy seeing these clips from ‘The Spelling Lesson’ and ‘Mummy, Daddy and Naughty Daughter’.

You can view a full selection of all of our classic videos available to download here.
If you are able to help us track down any of our missing films please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

A list of the films we are still after can be found here and as a ‘thank you’ we’d be pleased to offer a selection of complementary downloads from our online shop.

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