Moral Welfare

We’re pleased to announce that full versions of both Moral Welfare videos are now available to download from our online shop. To coincide with these films becoming available in their entirety again Encore Janus 7 and 8 present a complete collection of photos on this theme from the Janus archive.

The publication of Janus 26 and Janus 28 back in 1984 saw the magazine at the peak of its ‘severe’ period. The Moral Welfare theme had been hugely popular when it was introduced in Janus 26 and it became an obvious choice for the next video production. Although the video featured on the front of Janus 28 it was only given seven pages of coverage inside the magazine. Sadly no colour content has surfaced, but fortunately all four rolls of black and white film taken during the production survive in the Janus archive. These black and white negatives provide a wonderful souvenir of the shoot and feature many unseen images.

Encore Janus 7 includes all the images taken for Moral Welfare Part 1 and the surviving black and white prints from Janus 26. Encore Janus 8 features photos from Moral Welfare Part 2 and material from Janus 43 and Janus 65 when the magazine returned to this theme. In total 155 photos have been restored and can now be seen in high quality for the first time.

Click on the above links to download any of these magazines and films.

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