Molly Pankhurst – Februs 40

James Bowers, dapper in his suit, straight of back and determined in demeanor, strides in measured paces up the path of the suburban house. Molly Pankhurst seems equally composed, although her eyes often flit to her watch to check the progress of time. He knocks on the door; she opens it. He shows her the card bearing both their signatures, stating that he will call at this time and place, and she acknowledges it by stepping back and inviting him to enter. He declines her offers of refreshment or a seat and is keen to address the matter to hand immediately…

We hope you enjoy this selection of unpublished photos from the Februs archive. Just over a month ago we featured a few more photos of Molly from this photo-shoot and the interview she gave in Februs 42 – click here to see them.

To see more of Molly’s punishment you can download a digital copy of Februs 40 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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