Liz Reynolds – Janus 38

Liz Reynolds has been cheating the tax man for over a year. Called to a private meeting with her employer at his flat, Liz doesn’t know what to expect.

James Fenman has decided a little lesson is in order. “I intend to give you something you’ll remember for a long time, my lady.” He looks sternly at the young woman before him. “You’re going to get a sound thrashing. I’m going to make sure that pretty backside of yours is so sore you won’t be able to sit on it for a long time.”

The big blue eyes had gone wide with shock and Liz’s face was flushing pink. Her eyes became even wider as James Fenman produced a long handled wooden bath bat…

Liz Reynolds has the distinction of being the only Janus model to be on the recieving end of the bath bat! Looking at these photos from the Janus archive it certainly looks as though it must have stung.

To see more of Liz’s punishment you can download a digital copy of Janus 38 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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