Le Crunch. – Free Spanking Photos From Janus 27

During the early eighties the Janus editorial team were constantly striving to create new and original spanking photo fantasies. ‘Le Crunch.’ was certainly different! Set in France, in the office of the Chief of Security for the top secret Apple, Milk and Mutton Research Facility, it must rank as one of the most surreal settings ever for a spanking photo story.

Fortunately the subject of French espionage was not revisited in the pages of Janus! That’s not to say the photos of Blanche Cartier receiving the tawse and cane from the beret wearing Alfonse Bidet are not to the usual high standard. We hope you enjoy seeing these images, which are appearing in high quality for the first time. To see more of Blanche’s punishment you can download a copy of Janus 27 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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