Latest Janus Digital Downloads

Just added to our online shop today are Janus 94, Janus Vol.7 No.11 and Mentor Vol.1 No.1.

Mentor Vol.1 No.1 is where it all began! The magazine is essentially the very first issue of Janus. Mentor changed its name to Janus from Vol.1 No.5 as it conflicted with the title of an existing publication. Eagle eyed readers will spot that Mentor was produced by ‘Janus Publications’ and the Janus logo was visible on page three. A member of the editorial team suggested Janus would be a good title for the magazine if a change had to made.

Mentor focused on a range of different fetishes and there is a wide selection of articles covering such topics as ‘High heel fantasia’, ‘Soft leather’ and ‘Girls who like girls’. There is also a wonderful article with pictures and illustrations on ‘Discipline in the Bedroom’. In all, it’s a fascinating insight into views about sexuality in 1971.

You can download any of these magazines by clicking on the highlighted links.

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