Janus Spanking Novels – Can You Help Us?

Back in the late 1970s, long before film and then video became mass mediums for spanking related entertainment, Janus predominantly sold novels to accompany the many spanking magazines in the shop. A selection of these novels were advertised in each magazine but sadly we only retain a small number in our archive. The descriptions of these novels vary from the intriguing to the hilarious. Here are two examples – we’ll leave you to decide which is which!

Spanking Anthologies

Our two great anthologies, of which we are justly proud, remain in constant demand. No serious student of the subject can afford to be without them as they are comprehensive surveys of spanking life and literature, combining fact and fiction, and accompanied by a shrewd, well informed commentary. The first volume is mainly concerned with the 18th and 19th centuries while the second offers similar interesting insights into the disciplinary aspects of modern life. All texts are liberally adorned with appropriate drawings and photographs and the reader is afforded the chance of acquiring long extracts from numerous rare and privately printed books which are now virtually unobtainable in their original form.

The Spanking Adventures of Johnny Muldoon

Johnny Muldoon, the secret agent who out Bonds Bond. Permanently surrounded by beautiful lady spies who like nothing better than to launch themselves across Johnny’s knees and beg him to spank their lush bare bottoms prior to indulging in hectic bouts of love making that make the Kamasutra seem like a vicar’s tea party. Fast and furious action from start to finish.

Before anyone asks we can confirm that the film rights for ‘The Spanking Adventures of Johnny Muldoon’ have not yet been optioned. We remain hopeful that interested parties with the necessary skill and vision to bring Johnny’s escapades to the big screen may yet emerge.

Seriously though, we’d love to purchase any of the following novels for our archive:

1st and 2nd Anthologies of Spanking

I’m Jane, Spank Me

The Chastisement of Gina

School for Spanking

Paulette Betrayed

Memories of a Slave

True Spanking Stories

The Spanking Adventures of Johnny Muldoon

A Spanking Good Life

If you have copies of any of these books you are willing to part with, drop us a line at archive@janusworldwide.com


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