Janus Spanking Memories

We were recently contacted by a reader with a wonderful spanking memory of Janus 132. We’ve added this recollection to our Janus Spanking Memories Page but we also felt it was worthy of inclusion here:

“Years ago while based in East Asia I was sent to work in Sydney for a month, and came across Janus issue 132 in a used bookstore. I enjoyed the story of the village disciplinarian and was captivated by the models, Natalie and Tara, both so utterly adorable. While in Sydney I befriended a pretty young woman and she agreed to a fantasy spanking, her first ever, and was curious about it, plying me with questions. What better way to explain than to show her this story in Janus. At my request she read it aloud, with occasional gasps of amazement and delighted giggles. A happy memory indeed. Thanks so much for that photo story, and for the wonderful additional pictures. Sorry to read that Hilary has passed away. If you are still in touch with Tara and Natalie please pass on my thanks for the sprinkle of magic they gave that fantasy and others they appeared in.”

If you have any Janus Memories you’d like to appear on the site then just email them to archive@janusworldwide.com

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