Janus Interview: Melanie.

We recently did an interview with a wonderful lady called Melanie about her spanking experiences.

Janus Worldwide: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Miss Melanie

Miss Melanie: You’re welcome

Janus Worldwide: So, first question – for the benefit of our readers, please can you tell them a little bit about yourself?

Miss Melanie: Of course! I’m a single mum, and enjoy a number of hobbies, including performing in musicals, upholstery, oh and I play boules

Janus Worldwide: Thank you. How long ago was your first spanking experience?

Miss Melanie: As a child, my father was quite strict and used a slipper on the hand to chastise us when we had been naughty. I can remember how much it stung even now! I guess that was my first experience, although it really was not an enjoyable one!!

Janus Worldwide: Interesting. And what was your first sexual experience with spanking?

Miss Melanie: I was with a new partner about 2 years ago, and I had told him how much I enjoyed having my buttocks nibbled and bitten. He had obliged and nibbled, bit, licked and nuzzled my buttocks for ages much to my delight. And then, I don’t know why, he spanked me hard on the bottom without warning. I was a bit shocked, as I hadn’t been expecting it, and wasn’t immediately sure what to make of it but then felt the warm glow across my buttock and a frisson as he told me how naughty I was being and how I deserved his punishment and I was hooked, lol

Janus Worldwide: Nice. Was he in to spanking, or was it just an impulse on his part?

Miss Melanie: It was an impulse, and I think he was ‘reading’ me very well. I think he sensed that I had some kinkiness in my nature, although I hadn’t explored it at that point, and thought it was worth a try, even though we didn’t know each other that well. He wasn’t wrong …

Janus Worldwide: Afterwards, when you had had time to think about it, what were your feelings?

Miss Melanie: Well, the physical sensations were amazing – I assume there must be hundreds of nerve endings on the buttocks – I orgasmed uncontrollably that day. Also walking round with a lasting glow around my backside extended the experience. But best of all, it took me through the door so I could discover what I call my ‘dark side’, something I was only barely aware of at the time. For example, I hadn’t realised how much pleasure I could feel from being dominated, being in someone’s power

Janus Worldwide: Very interesting. And so, before your first spanking, you hadn’t been aware of these feelings, or had been locking them away?

Miss Melanie: Of course I was a little concerned and didn’t want to think about it too much, what it said about me and so on. I hadn’t been aware of them, except they did feature in my sexiest and wettest dreams

Janus Worldwide:  So, the experience was a real awakening for you?

Miss Melanie: Yes, imagine getting to your mid-forties and only then discovering that there is a whole world of pleasure you didn’t know existed within yourself!

Janus Worldwide: I think it is probably quite common. Did you talk about it with any one else, apart from your partner at the time?

Miss Melanie: Not at the time, I knew how good it felt for me, but it’s not easy to share it, even with my girlfriends. I felt it could change the way people thought about me, so it became a bit of a dirty secret, especially when my partner and I split up.

Janus Worldwide: I think that’s understandable. So, subsequently, did spanking become part of your regular love making? Did your partner enjoy it too?

Miss Melanie: Yes, it featured regularly. My partner wasn’t sure beforehand that he would enjoy inflicting pain, but when he could see how much I enjoyed it, he really got into it. The build up was great too – I would be deliberately cheeky to him (although I am quite cheeky in any case, lol) , and he would note the cheekiness and incorporate it into his punishments later on. So I knew in advance to what extent I was going to get punished, which would keep me aroused all day.

Janus Worldwide: Did you ever want to switch and try being dominant?

Miss Melanie: Oh yes, I also enjoyed taking over from time to time. I would tie him up put a blindfold on him and tease him mercilessly not allowing him to touch me unless I gave him specific permission to do so. I loved being able to do exactly what I wanted with him, although he wasn’t into the pain of a proper spanking himself

Janus Worldwide: Do you like to combine bondage or role play with spanking?

Miss Melanie: Yes, very much. Being restrained for me is about allowing someone to be in control, for me to have none. Even though I enjoy my submissive side, I’m always tempted to try and be clever, and use my womanly wiles to get what I want when I want it.  And there is always the added attraction of getting punished for it, lol.

Janus Worldwide:? I’m sure you do! OK – What is your favourite fantasy scenario that you would like to play out?

Miss Melanie: Mmmmm, good question!

Miss Melanie: That my partner tells me he has arranged a surprise for me, that I’m not allowed to ask any questions, that he will tell me what to wear and that I will be blindfolded. I agree to all this and feel nervous and extremely excited at the same time. He has bought me some incredibly beautiful, delicate black and red silk underwear – bra, thong and suspenders and black silk stockings with a line up the back of the legs. I put these on and he tells me to wear my red satin basque and tight pencil skirt with my highest heels. He drives me in the car to somewhere I’ve never been before and then blindfolds me when we reach our destination. He guides me into a building – I can smell a mixture of smoke, fragrance and alcohol and sense that there are other people there, chatting, like at a party. The chatter dies down and I can ‘feel’ that I am being looked at. I know that I look good in what I’m wearing, so I confidently pose. My partner whispers to me to remove my skirt so I undo it and allow it to drop to the floor. A ripple or some sort of murmur goes around the room. My partner leads me to a table and tells me to bend over it. Places my hands a long way in front of me and pushes my stockinged legs wider. I am aware that the people in the room have moved closer and are surrounding me. I know I am being looked at and am feeling less confident now, not knowing what will happen next but also aroused at being looked at by so many faceless people. I feel a hand on my buttock. Is it my partner’s? Gently rubbing, caressing me. And then suddenly a rush of air following by a sharp violent hard slap. I let out a stiffled yelp because it has caught me by surprise and then enjoy the glow, and all the other sensations building in my body. Another hard slap and a real sting of pain masked by the endorphins that are beginning to flow. My partner commands me to push my legs out wider and pulls my knickers to one side. Now I know that everyone can see my glistening wet pussy. The atmosphere in the room changes as my body is being touched by several hands all over me. All over my breasts, my legs, my hair, my neck, my back and from time to time, the sting of a spank reminds me that my partner is still there and in control. The atmosphere changes again, the hands have been withdrawn, there is more space around me, a final stinging slap on my glowing bottom. Then my partner whispers to me to stand up, leaving the blindfold in place, he leads me out of the building and the party-like chatter resumes as we leave.  He helps me into the car, climbs in the other side and removes my blindfold.  Now he can see the look of pure gratefulness and lust in my eyes.  ‘I’d better get you home’ he says.

Janus Worldwide: That’s a very erotic and powerful fantasy. Thank you for sharing that with our readers.

Miss Melanie: You’re welcome

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