Janus 9 Digital Edition

Janus 9 features a lovely set of colour photographs of a young woman waiting outside the headmaster’s study before she is admitted for a traditional six of the best. Photostories were still a few issues away but the images of a young nurse being caned that accompany the introduction to ‘Little Lizzie’ are very powerful, as are the clothes brush punishment photos. ‘A Teacher Learns’ is a fine piece of appropriately illustrated, formal punishment fiction and ‘A Caning for Clumsy Kristina’ is a good workplace discipline drama. Readers’ letters describe plimsoll and stinging nettle punishments and fantasies featuring Debbie Harry and Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

Friday’s Child/ Secret Lives/ Training With Heather/ In Hot Water/ Contacts/ Spanking the Niece/ Readers’ Letters

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