Janus 151 Digital Edition

Janus 151 features the lovely Bella Firestone on its front cover holding her ukulele! The photo fantasy ‘Beating Time’ allows us to witness the acclaimed symphonic conductor Arturo Kaplinski punishing Miss Firestone with relish for her failure to turn up for a live television performance. “No Trespassing’ by Andrew Grantham tells the story of two 18 year olds, Rachel and Lyndsey, who take an afternoon off college in the secluded grounds of Squire Hardwick’s estate. Paula beautifully illustrates their painful encounter with the gamekeeper. ‘Discipline – the garden variety’ features a couple with an outdoor weekend disciplinary arrangement. Anton’s drawing on page three compliments the story perfectly. The second photo fantasy ‘ Punitive Measures’ introduces us to the disciplinary regime of the Kangrol Ranger Service. Rebecca Carstairs receives a good tanning with the leather paddle, cane and belt. Readers’ Letters include contributions from a couple who describe attending a spanking party, Sarah writes about being caned by her boss and Dave describes a punishment charter he has drawn up for his 22 year old girlfriend Kelly.

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