Janice Dawson – Janus 126

Janice Dawson did travelling massage. She was 26, single, with a small son at nursery school from where she collected him every day at half past three. Some of the men who called her into their homes for the stimulating touch of her fingers were really quite tasty. Others not so much. But what did it matter what they looked like, or how young or old? She didn’t feel there was any real personal involvement on her part.

Richard Hardy liked to think of himself as a man of letters. A remote man. A man alone whose main kicks and thrills came largely inside his head. Richard’s last excursion into a fantasy-made-real was when he advertised for, and secured for a while, a beautiful girl to dress and act as his maid as well as receive the sound chastisements he had only, until then dreamed of handing out to a willing female bottom (Janus 117).

Now his spirit longed for another such adventure. He scanned Janice up and down. ‘I’ll get straight to the point,’ he said. ‘If you don’t accept my suggestion you are free to leave at once and I’ll pay you your full fee. On the other hand, if you’re prepared to go along with it, I’ll pay you double – half now, and half when you go…’

Janice frowned. This could be dodgy. ‘What suggestion would that be sir?’

‘I shall want to punish you. On your bottom’…

We hope you enjoy this selection of unpublished photos and out-takes of Janice from Janus 126. If you’d like to see more, you can download a copy of the magazine by clicking on the highlighted link.

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