Introducing Jane
We are very pleased to welcome Jane to the world of Janus. Jane will be playing a very important role as she will be commenting and assessing each of the  implements that are being  introduced over the coming weeks. Jane will be receiving an equal number of strokes from an experienced disciplinarian and then making her comments and giving advice on each.The first implements to be introduced are a selection of canes and wooden paddles. These will be followed by a full array of leather goods. We will also be providing a short video showing her receiving each implement as well as making a comment.
Jane was bought up in London and is in her late 30’s. She has a full time job as a PA in the City and therefore wishes to retain full anonymity. She did not go to university but has had a series of jobs supporting and organizing the lives of several senior company executives. She was  educated and brought up by an aunt and uncle in the suburbs of London and used  to get a slippering sometimes in her pyjamas if I she was very naughty.
Her first, and memorable experience was when she was 16 she came home late one day from school and found that her uncle was very angry and sent her to her room after dinner telling her to have a bath and get ready for bed. Jane knew he was very annoyed and had an inkling that she was going to be punished and she started to think about what might happen. She found this oddly exciting and found she was almost looking forward to being punished.  Her uncle called her into his study and told her that in future she should not be late. Jane made an excuse that it was due to a late running bus but he was not convinced and proceeded to put her across his knee and spanked her over her pyjamas.  Then he took off his slipper and gave her 6 really hard stingers with this. He then sent her straight to bed. It was when lying in bed did Jane start to feel emotions that she couldn’t comprehend but remembers that the experience was not unpleasant but rather interesting and from that day started to dream of scenarios where she was spanked.

Jane does not have a boyfriend at the moment and spanking is not a part of any relationship she currently has.

Jane contacted Janus as she wanted to experiment and try a series of implements in a safe environment and in our discussions she said that found the idea of receiving a set number of strokes from an experienced disciplinarian to be an exciting idea.

Jane is very new to this and it will be fascinating to get her views and for her to share her experiences with you.

As time passes we will give Jane more “tests” so please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas and scenarios and we will put these to her.

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