Home From Home – A Janus Spanking Story

A Spanking Story from Janus 30. More stories are available to read here.

Home From Home
by Andrew Grantham

CLIFF was somewhat used to seeing Andrea. The pretty, blonde 19-year-old had been a regular visitor to his home for the past eight years or so.

Andrea had mated up with Cliff’s daughter at the start of secondary school and the relationship had been maintained throughout the following years. Always a very pleasant and pretty young girl, Andrea had blossomed into a very attractive and nubile teenager.

Cliff himself would be the first to agree that Andrea appeared in quite a lot of his fantasies.

Since her parents had split up, the girl had come to spend more and more of her time in Cliff’s home; the main reason being that her mother had set up house with her ‘boyfriend’ on the other side of town.

There was generally a good reason why the pretty blonde spent so many nights under Cliff’s roof, sharing a room with his daughter – the last bus had gone, she had forgotten her umbrella, she didn’t have the bus fare, etc, etc. Cliff didn’t mind in the slightest. Andrea was no trouble at all and she was nice to have around the place.

She was the kind of girl who could listen to, and take, a joke without taking offence. Cliff’s jokes had gradually become more risqué of late, but personal contact had never gone beyond a peck on the lips on some special occasion – and a very rare pat on the bottom; an affectionate pat of course!

* * *

They bumped into each other on the landing outside the bathroom.

It was Andrea who spoke first.

‘What are you doing here?’ she asked, her bright blue eyes twinkling.

‘I live here, remember,’ smiled Cliff.

Andrea threw back her head and laughed, her blonde curls tumbling about as she did so.

‘I thought you were at work is what I meant to say!’ she corrected herself.

‘I’ve got the day off,’ Cliff told her. ‘I’ve been in the garage all morning, tinkering with the car.’ He showed her his oil-blackened hands and the blonde recoiled at the sight.

Andrea’s face was pink and shining and not yet made-up. Not that she needed any make-up – she was pretty without it. But it was obvious that she was not long out of bed.

‘Have you just got up?’ Cliff asked her.

She nodded.

Cliff’s own daughter had got herself a decent job, but Andrea was still unemployed. There might be a shortage of jobs, but all the same, she made no real effort to go and get one.

‘There’s nothing to get up for,’ she told him bluntly.

‘You’ll never get a job lying in bed all day!’ he sniffed.

‘I know,’ agreed Andrea. ‘I’m lazy, aren’t I?’ she added with a smile to reveal her gleaming, newly-brushed teeth.

‘You need your bottom smacking, young lady,’ Cliff wagged an oily finger at her.

Andrea laughed again. ‘You’d better not,’ she warned. ‘I might enjoy it!’

‘I might enjoy it myself,’ muttered Cliff to himself as he went into the bathroom to wash his hands.

‘I’ll make a cup of tea,’ called out Andrea as she started down the stairs.

Whilst he was washing his hands, Cliff could hardly take his mind off his daughter’s pretty, blonde friend. Her legs and arse looked as if they had been poured into her faded, blue jeans. Her red, woollen sweater clung to the contours of her body.

There was a cup of tea waiting for him on the kitchen table. Andrea was already sat down, sipping her drink. She looked at Cliff over the top of the cup. It was the first time he and Andrea had ever been completely alone together. The proximity of the blonde aroused him and he wondered if he might just dare to make a pass at her.

As they drank and nibbled biscuits, Cliff again brought up the subject of job hunting. Andrea looked thoughtful. Suddenly, she put down her cup, got up and stood right alongside Cliff. He was totally unprepared for what she did next.

The tall blonde girl bent over his knees so that the palms of her hands were flat on the floor.

‘What are you up to?’ croaked Cliff unbelievingly.

She turned her head back to look at him. There was a trace of a smile across her luscious, full, red lips. ‘You said I needed a smacked bottom,’ she said slowly and seductively. ‘Are you going to?’

Cliff cleared his throat. ‘Yes,’ he replied somewhat meekly.

It took him a little while to gather his wits about him. Here he was, with one of his favourite fantasy girls across his lap, begging for her bottom to be spanked.

Cliff recovered his wits quickly. He wasn’t going to miss an opportunity like this.

‘If I’m going to give you a good spanking,’ he told her solemnly, ‘I can’t do it white you’re wearing jeans.’

Andrea sighed and gave him the answer he wanted to hear. ‘You’d better take them off, then,’ she invited.

It was a challenge as well as an invitation. Cliff responded to her challenge. He would lower her jeans all right. No way was Andrea going to take them down herself.

Cliff slipped his hands around her trim waist and found the button he was looking for. He pushed it through the hole and then fumbled for the zipper.

Andrea giggled as Cliff pulled on the metal tag. He was well aware that he was brushing against her most intimate part. And she didn’t seem to mind! He still found it hard to believe what was actually happening in the kitchen of his own home.

At last he managed to drag the fastener all the way down the metal teeth. He then moved his hands into the waistband of the jeans and tugged sharply.

Andrea humped up and down on his lap to facilitate the lowering of the denim pants. It was a little embarrassing for Cliff as she bounced about, obviously well aware of the effect she was having on him.

The jeans slid down and Cliff licked his lips at his first-ever sight of Andrea’s knickered bottom and thigh tops. He held his breath, unable to believe that he was actually living out one of his favourite fantasies.

Andrea’s pink cotton panties were so skimpy that most of her delicious bum-cheeks bulged out beyond the elastic borders. Her cheeks were faintly pink and beautifully curved, her thighs gleaming and generous.

Andrea turned her golden head and looked up at him. ‘What’s the matter?’ she taunted. ‘Have you got cold feet?’

‘I’ll show you if I’ve got cold feet or not,’ he retorted. ‘I’ll make your arse hot for you!’

‘Ooh, Mr Fraser!’ she squeaked and turned her head away.

Cliff put his left arm around her waist and raised his right hand high into the air. Taking a deep breath, he brought the flat of his hand down onto the pantie-covered target.

The flesh quivered, but there was no reaction from Andrea. He knew he hadn’t hurt her. And he wanted to hurt her! Although she hadn’t said it in as many words, she had dared him to hurt her.

Erotic experience it might be, but the pretty blonde still had to be shown that he was master of the house, and of the guest, too! Furthermore, he really wanted to make her arse so sore that she might just get up off it, and at least start looking for a job – even if she couldn’t find one.

He gave her bottom another swipe. It felt nice, but he knew he was not causing her any discomfort. Cliff wanted to see Andrea squirming across his lap and he wanted to hear her crying out as his hand delivered distress to her lovely rump.

Of course Cliff had never been fortunate enough to spank anyone before, not even his own daughter. What he needed was practice; and what better practice area was there then the gently-rounded buttocks he had at his mercy!

Perhaps a series of short, sharp slaps would have the desired effect? There was only one way to find out!

Instead of raising his hand high in the air, Cliff lifted it only about eighteen inches. Letting it hover for a little while, he then brought it down sharply onto the exposed part of Andrea’s right bum-cheek.


‘Ooh!’ let out Andrea. It wasn’t a cry in the true sense, but Cliff knew he had begun to make some inroads into the girl’s pain barrier.

There was a red mark on the pale flesh. He aimed for that mark.

‘Ow!’ This time, Andrea’s vocal reaction was higher-pitched.

Cliff permitted himself a smile and decided upon his next target area – the opposite cheek!

The scarlet handmark again sprang up, the small layer of puppy fat causing the cheek to dance delightfully.

‘Ouch!’ The response was louder this time and Andrea squirmed in his crotch.

With his on-the-job training now complete, Cliff began to pepper Andrea’s bottom with a succession of stinging smacks.

The palm of his hand began to sting as well as he covered every inch of her bare-fleshed buttocks and fleshy thigh tops.

As the intensity of the spanks increased, so Andrea’s pain and discomfort increased too. Her cries became more urgent and her protests more powerful.

Cliff had to grip her tightly around the waist as she wriggled and squirmed.

‘That’s enough please, Mr Fraser!’ she gasped eventually.

Andrea tried to rise and she turned her head to give him an appealing look.

‘Oh no, it isn’t!’ smiled Cliff smugly. ‘I’ve only just started. Your pretty arse is going to get a lot hotter before I’ve finished with it!’

Andrea had lost all her cockiness. The situation had passed out of her control. The most she had expected had been a few half-hearted slaps. Her first shock had been when he had taken her up on her teasing offer to remove her jeans. Now, he was really in the swing of it. Surely he wouldn’t go so far as to…?

She gave out a cry of protest when she realised Cliff was going to take down her knicks! He put his hands in the elasticated waistband and roughly yanked them down, aware of a slight tearing sound as he did so. The pink panties joined her fallen jeans.

‘Mr Fraser!’ gasped Andrea, aghast that he was now staring at her totally bare bottom. Realising that he might see the precious, dewy secrets between her thighs, she stopped wriggling and pressed her legs together.

Still gripping her around the waist, Cliff re-positioned Andrea, so that she was bent over one knee only. He then brought his other leg up and over to completely trap her lightly downed limbs.

‘What are you going to do?’ croaked the dumbfounded blonde.

‘I’m going to make your pretty bottom red all over!’ he told her, tracing a forefinger around the triangle of still white flesh. ‘If a job’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing properly. That’s what I always say!’

‘Please don’t, Mr Fraser!’ begged Andrea, her now watery blue eyes making the appeal as well as her voice.

‘No, Andrea,’ smiled Cliff grimly. ‘It was your idea, remember?’

She set her lips in a thin line and, resigned to her fate, she clenched her red and white bum cheeks.

Cliff really laid into the unhurt white triangle, and soon her entire bottom was a brilliant, scarlet hue. Andrea cried out and her legs thrashed about wildly.

All good things have to come to an end, and reluctantly Cliff gave her delicious behind a final wallop.

What would happen now, he wondered? Would Andrea slap his face in anger? Would she storm out of the house and tell her mother? He freed her and helped her to her feet.

‘Ooh! That hurt!’ was all she said as she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet, her hands glued to her scorched bum. She didn’t seem to mind that he was looking at the downy, blonde fluff at the junction of her thighs.

She pulled up her knicks and her jeans and never even mentioned anything about what had just taken place but there now seemed to be some kind of a bond between himself and the girl.

* * *

He watched her walk to the bus stop, swinging a plastic bag containing her things. Looking at her, no-one would ever guess that her lovely denim-covered bottom was as red as the sweater she was wearing.

Cliff was still tinkering with the car when his daughter returned home from work.

‘I saw Andrea in town,’ she announced as she walked into the garage.

Cliff dropped a spanner and the metal rang on the concrete floor. Had she spilled the beans?

‘She was actually job-hunting!’ exclaimed his daughter. ‘Would you believe it?’

‘Fancy!’ was all Cliff said in reply.

‘Dad!’ began his daughter. Then she waited for a little while before continuing: ‘Andrea wants to ask you a big favour.’

‘What’s that?’ he wanted to know.

‘Andrea wants to know if she can come and live here!’

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