Health by Temperance & by Exercise – Februs 9

It had been a perfect day. They had all finished work at lunchtime, collected their wages and managed to spend something in every shop they had entered. They were elated, giggly, ravenously hungry and almost late for their training session. A take-away seemed the obvious solution, although it didn’t feature on their strict diet sheets.

As soon as they arrived at the gym, they wolfed down the burgers, fries and shakes as they changed from their street clothes into their workout gear. They were sitting cross-legged, scraping the bottom of the wrappers for salted-chip debris and lamenting their lack of foresight in not ordering apple pies, when the door opened and their trainer entered…

We are delighted to feature some unpublished images of Jennie, Marla and Naomi’s training session, including a lovely group photo from the end of the shoot.

To see more of this PT punishment photo story you can download a copy of Februs 9 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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