Go To Your Room!

Danielle may be Philip Allinson’s au pair but of late she has been behaving more like a student paying room rent than a hired employee. The time for action had come. ‘Go to your room, Danielle!’ Philip’s voice is commanding. Her sensitive features flinch as she hesitates, uncertain what he means. ‘You will go upstairs at once, undress and put on your pyjamas and wait for me!’…

Surprisingly Janus 70 is one of the few issues to features a pyjama punishment. ‘Go To Your Room!’ was very popular with readers at the time and it includes some lovely shots of Danielle undressing and getting into her pyjamas. The photo on page 7 of her sitting on the bed and seeing the carpet beater for the first time is a classic. We hope you enjoy this small selection of colour stills from the shoot and if you’d like to see more of this photo story you can download a copy of Janus 70 here.

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