Get With The Programme 2 – A Caning Story by Pat Greenham

This caning story by Pat Greenham was inspired by a readers’ letter ‘Get With The Programme’ which first appeared in Janus 156. The letter details the experiences of a young air hostess working for a Far East airline who received corporal punishment on a number of occasions from her Station Manager. Our thanks to Pat for creating this wonderful sequel.

Janus caning

Ever since she was a little girl, Linda had always wanted to be an airhostess. She thought it was a very glamorous job and during her final school years she started applying for jobs. Initially she worked for a UK based airline, but at the age of twenty-one she applied to work for an Asian based carrier. She was invited to an interview in London and two weeks later she received a letter offering her a position and outlining that she would have to move to the Far East and that she would be accommodated by the airline. There was also a substantial increase in her salary and her contract was to be for two years, and if she were successful during that time it was very likely she would be offered a further contract.

In no time at all, Linda was on her way to the Far East to start a new adventure. Following two weeks of training, Linda started flying as a fully-fledged airhostess from the airlines main hub. Two weeks before the start of the month she received her roster and Linda was surprised to find out she was only flying three or four times a month. However each trip was longer than she had been used to – often being away for six or seven days at a time. This meant she had plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine in between trips. It was extraordinary how fast the two years went and with less than two months left on her contract she received a letter asking her to attend an interview to discuss her future.

At the interview Linda was congratulated and they asked her if she was interested in moving to one of the airlines other bases and working for their regional carrier. She was also told that if she accepted she would be promoted to the next grade as well as having a salary increase. Linda accepted immediately, and six weeks later was packing up her belongings to move home.

The new base was close to a smaller city compared to the metropolis where she had been living, but there was a very smart new accommodation block and as about twenty airhostesses had also been moved at the same there was a good camaraderie from day one.

The job was also different as all flights were short-haul and it was rare to have night-stops. Indeed a typical day would be an early start with two round trips and home late afternoon or early evening. On their first day they all attending a meeting held by the Station Manager who gave them a presentation about the regional airline. Philip Smith seemed very pleasant, but he did say in no uncertain terms that good performance would be rewarded – but any slacking or behavior that did not meet his standards would be firmly dealt with. After the meeting Linda and some of the other girls hit the town, but were back in their accommodation block relatively early, knowing, they all had early flights.

Short haul flying was very different to what Linda had become used to, but she enjoyed the relative intensity of having to provide a full service on flights that were often a little over one hour. Two round trips in day was a lot of work and Linda was pretty tired when she returned to her room.

Despite best intentions, Linda fell into a group that liked to party and the four o’clock alarm calls were getting to be very difficult – so much so that in her third week she overslept and was late for the crew bus which almost made the flight itself late. This was seen as a serious matter and that evening she received a message from Philip Smith summoning her to a meeting later in the week.

Linda was naturally worried about the meeting and wondered what would happen. At the time set, she found herself waiting outside his office having reported to his secretary. He did not keep her long as Philip Smith opened the door and invited her in.

The Station Manager asked her for an explanation for her lateness – to which she simply said she had overslept and was very sorry. He asked if she had been out late and Linda, not wanting to lie, said she had indeed and again apologized. Smith told her about the consequences of delaying a flight, which could have resulted in the aircraft missing its slot. He added that unfortunately he had no alternative but take some disciplinary measures and added that there was two options.

First he could place an Official Warning on her employment file, and then to either reduce her leave by four days or fine her four days pay. Linda was horrified, as this seemed very severe. But there was a bigger shock to come as Philip Smith explained the second alternative which involved her being put on report for six months as part of an Unofficial Programme which also involved being subjected to Corporal Punishment. He told her that he was a strong believer in old-fashioned discipline and that those that had opted for the Programme had benefitted from it, and avoided other measures. Linda could not believe what she was hearing and asked what exactly did he mean.

He explained that if she wanted to join the Programme she would be watched very carefully and any more incidents would result in further punishment. He went on to tell her that she had already earned a ‘Level One’ punishment which if she opted for the Programme would be administered on the first day that she was not flying. Linda asked what exactly was a ‘Level One’ punishment to be told that it would be six strokes of the cane administered to her bottom over her skirt. He then explained how the six months Programme worked and that there are five punishment levels. If after her Level One punishment she kept her nose clean for six months that would be the end of it. If however she transgressed again she would receive a ‘Level Two’ punishment, which was six strokes administered to your bottom with your uniform skirt removed. A further incident would result in six strokes to your bare bottom as a Level Three. Further, he told her that if she was so unwise to transgress again, Level Four and Five were simply an increase in the number of strokes to twelve and eighteen respectively, and that in his five years as Station Manager, only one air hostess had graduated to Level Five. Smith added that she would be interviewed after four months to discuss the Programme and to what level she had graduated. After that meeting she would have to keep her nose clear for two months – and if she succeeded the Programme would be at an end. If however there were a transgression during those final two months, she would receive the next level caning and then have a further two months to try and complete the Programme.

Smith went onto to tell her that for many it was an effective way of creating the discipline required to be an effective member of the team, and that quite a few that had opted for the Programme were now flying as Number Ones back in the parent long-haul airline. He added that about a third never go beyond Level One, a further third don’t go beyond Level two leaving a third to get to Level Three. Very few go beyond that level but that as he mentioned the only girl to have received a Level Five punishment is now a Cabin Service Director on the 747 fleet.

To say Linda was shocked was an understatement, but Philip Smith was being very pleasant despite what he had to say. He added that, of course she could be dealt with Officially if that was what she preferred.

Linda’s mind was in turmoil. She did not want to lose any leave or pay and she certainly did not was an Official Warning. She told herself that the cane across her skirt wouldn’t be too bad and that all she had to do afterwards was to make sure there were no further incidents. She told him she would go for ‘The Programme’.

Philip Smith told her he felt she had made the right choice and asked if she had been subjected to any similar punishments during her school life. Linda had never been caned, but she told him about two incidents, one when she was sent to her Headmistress for smoking and received six whacks with a slipper that was actually a plimsoll bending over touching her toes with her skirt removed. The second incident was when she had attended a school in Texas after her father had been posted to the USA when she had been paddled by the Principle. Smith asked her how that punishment was carried out as she told him that had been caught smoking for a second time and had to bend over the back of a chair in the Principles Room to be whacked with a wooden paddle over her thin cotton trousers which had been really painful – adding that the Principle had told her he would normally award five swats, but as she was English he would follow tradition and give her six-of-the-best.

He told Linda that she would have some idea what lay ahead, but she would find the cane more intense. He asked her when was her next day off, to which Linda replied that she was off for two days and could come tomorrow. Smith told her to return at 8.45, as there would be some paperwork to complete so that they could both be over at the Security Block by 9 for her punishment to be carried out.

Linda was told to leave and strangely he shook her hand saying, “see you tomorrow morning”. Linda spent the rest of day thinking about what lay ahead, and had a fairly restless night. But it was soon morning and taking care to dress smartly, she made her way back to the Station Managers office arriving promptly at 8.45. Smith gave her an agreement to sign outlining the Programme and another letter that was effectively a resignation letter.

Linda did not understand why she was signing a resignation letter, but he explained that it is vital that details of the Unofficial Punishment never become public knowledge – and she should talk to nobody about the Programme – but if she did he would use the letter. However if she kept her nose clean for six months after today, this letter will be destroyed.

With everything signed, Linda was told to follow the Station Manager to the Security Block where she was taken to a room that had a trestle with a padded top in the middle, the purpose of which was obvious. There were also some unpleasant looking canes on the side table. There was a knock on the door and the Head of Security, Mike Dawson entered. The Station Manager explained that Mike would be administering the caning, adding that he used to be a public schoolmaster in the UK and had plenty of experience.

Smith asked Linda if she was wearing tights or stockings as only two layers of clothing were allowed for a Level One caning. Linda said she was wearing tights (she had secretly chosen a pair that were quite thick to get some extra protection). Mike Dawson said that is mistake number one and told Linda she had the choice of taking the caning with either her skirt or her tights removed – to which Linda said that she would remove her tights and was told to get on with it. Her skirt was too tight to pull up, so she had no choice but to slip it off before carefully removing her tights ensuring that she did allow her knickers to slip down in the process. All of this was dreadfully embarrassing as for a brief moment she stood in front of them with just knickers on below the waist before she quickly replaced her skirt.

Mike Dawson selected a cane that looked to Linda to be at least three foot long and whippy as he cut the air a couple of times. She was told to remove her jacket and get into position across the trestle. Putting the jacket on the table with the other canes, Linda went to the trestle and bent over it, being instructed to reach down and hold the bar near the floor and keep her legs straight out behind her. Her hair fell forward and almost touched the floor as her skirt stretched across her bottom, which was now perfectly positioned for Dawson’s cane. Both men stood back and appreciated the sight of her slim round bottom and Mike Dawson knew he was going to enjoy the next few minutes.

Lining up the cane across Linda’s bottom, he told her to expect a stroke every thirty seconds. She was wondering how this was going to compare with her paddling in Texas – and she was soon to find out as Dawson took the cane slowly back over his shoulder and gave her a tremendous whack to the lower part of her bottom. For a split second Linda felt nothing following by the searing pain that only the cane can give. As she gave out an involuntary gasp, she could not believe how painful just one stroke had been. Before she had much of a chance to get used to it, Dawson delivered the second stroke half an inch above the first and causing another gasp. Linda held onto the bar as her caning continued, and Dawson was simply working his way up her bottom with deadly accuracy. The third and fourth were to the center of Linda’s bottom and it was just possible to see the lines across her dark blue skirt. Smith had told her that the cane would be more intense that the wooden paddle and he was right as Linda waited for the fifth stroke which struck toward the top of her bottom. With just one more stroke to go, Dawson stepped back deciding where to put the sixth stroke. There was a slight gap near the middle of her bottom, which was exactly where he hit her for the last time causing a loud gasp as he delivered the hardest stroke of all.

Linda was told to stand and her hands went straight to her bottom. Phillip Smith told her that she had done well and that all she needed to do was keep her nose clean for six months and she would complete the Programme, but that she knew what the next stage was if there were any further incidents.

It was perhaps inevitable now that she was being watched that it would be not possible to go a full six months, and eight weeks after her caning Linda was back in front of the Station Manager having been part of a crew that had received four separate customer complaints. For the rest of the crew this resulted in a reprimand – but for Linda it meant a Level Two punishment, and for clarity Smith said that meant another six stokes of the cane, but with your skirt removed.

Two days after her interview she was again back at 8.45 in the morning to be taken to the security block to be caned by Mike Dawson. Linda wondered how much more painful a caning would be with just a pair of knickers between her bottom and the cane. She had chosen a reasonably full pair of pants, which were more ‘boy-shorts’. She was instructed to remove her jacket, skirt and tights and then to get into position across the trestle. If Dawson and Smith had thought her bottom was fantastic before, they were treated to a great sight as her tight knickers stretched across her round and pert backside.

Linda had a better idea of what to expect, but was still taken back by the ferocity of the first stroke and gave out a loud gasp. It was difficult for Linda to say how much more painful it was without her skirt – only to say it was absolutely dreadful. As Philip Smith stood to one side behind Linda getting a perfect view, Dawson caned her exactly as he before, starting low down and working his way up her bottom. Both men could make out the marks through Linda’s semi see-through knickers and with strokes at thirty second intervals, exactly two and half minutes after the first stroke, Linda received the last whack right across the middle of her bottom, which as normal was the hardest of all causing a very loud screech. After the caning had been completed and Linda had replaced her skirt, Smith told her that she had nearly four months to go and that she should make sure she behaved because she knew what happened next if she strayed again. Later that night as Linda lay in bed, she thought about the caning and had some strange feelings. The caning itself had been awful, but the thought of lying over the trestle with the two men focusing on her bottom and the now distant glow was giving her some strange pleasure.

Linda vowed to stop going out on nights before she was flying and did well for quite a while, but two weeks before her four-month interview, the Station Manager received a complaint from one of the Number Ones that she had found Linda to be late for a particular flight.

Inevitably Linda received a message to once more report to the Station Manager. She knew what this meant and was horrified by the prospect of another caning and could not even admit to herself that it was likely to be given to her bare bottom.

This time she did not even have the pre punishment interview, simply being told to report at 9 the following morning. Philip Smith was his normal charming self as he calmly told her that she was very soon to receive a Level Three punishment. Moments later Linda was following him to the Security Block and the now familiar punishment room. Mike Dawson was already waiting for her and after a short lecture from Smith, Linda was reminded that this level was a further six strokes of the cane but this time given to her bare bottom.

Linda was told to take off her jacket and remove all clothing below the waist. For Linda the prospect was horrific – being caned across her pants had been bad, but now having to strip in front of the two men brought another level of humiliation. Apart from the airline doctor who conducted very comprehensive medicals that included internal examinations every year and a few boyfriends, no man had seen her naked below the waist and she was dreadfully embarrassed as she complied with the instruction.

Her jacket was easy enough – and taking off her pencil uniform skirt and tights was a repeat of last time – but when standing in front of them with just her knickers on below the waist knowing she was seconds away from being half naked was very embarrassing. Putting her fingers in the waistband, Linda pushed her knickers down and stepped out of them giving both men a sight they could fully appreciate – a very attractive women with sporty legs flaring up to shapely hips and a slim waist and a trimmed auburn triangle. They both knew from earlier canings that she was attractive, but now standing in front of them half naked with almost no secrets left was a sight they would not forget in a hurry.

But there was a job to be done and Linda was told to get into position. Standing facing them was one thing, but bending right over the trestle with her bare bottom perfectly presented gave the men a superb picture of her round and very nice bottom. Linda knew what the cane felt like but not given across her bare bottom. They left her in position as Dawson was watching the clock on the wall until the second hand hit twelve before delivering the first stroke to the middle of her bottom. Linda gave out a very long screech as she absorbed the first very hard cane stroke. Thirty seconds later came the second stroke, given with severity from over Mike Dawson’s shoulder and striking low down. Again Linda gasped not believing that such a simple instrument could cause so much pain. She previously wondered how much more painful a bare bottom caning would be, and now she knew – another big step up. Exactly 60 seconds after the first stroke came the third – delivered toward the top of Linda’s wonderful bottom causing another loud screech. Linda knew she only had three to go and hung onto the bar with her fingers trying not to move too much. Without consciously knowing she had parted her legs giving Dawson a view of her secret charms. Another thirty seconds passed before Dawson gave her the fourth stroke hitting perfectly in the middle of the gap low down on her bottom and causing another screech. Linda had completely forgotten about her nudity and was just concentrating on the pain and getting through this caning.

With two strokes left, Mike Dawson slightly slowed the caning leaving almost a minute before whacking her bottom for the fifth time in the gap toward the top of Linda’s bottom resulting in another screech. Philip Smith was watching and enjoying the spectacle. The Programme was certainly one that worked but it was also one that gave him the great pleasure of witnessing attractive young women getting caned across their bottoms – and every so often their bare bottoms.

It was soon time for the last stroke, and Mike Dawson tapped Linda’s bottom a few times just above the center before giving her as tradition dictates the hardest stoke of all in the middle of the remaining gap. Linda was told to stay in position as the two men took in the vision of her bottom now with six perfect red stripes.

Eventually Linda was told to rise and immediately went to rub her damaged bottom not caring about the frontal nudity she was displaying. Smith told her that he hoped that she would learn from the experience and suggested that she get dressed. He added that it was not many weeks until the four-month review and that he would send a message re the time of the meeting.

Linda’s bottom was on fire as she walked away and it took at least an hour before the pain started to mitigate – but later that day as the pain reduced to a glow she again had strange feelings about the experience. It was almost as if whilst she hated the caning and the humiliation at the time but enjoyed the after effects and thinking about being made to strip and get into such a revealing position.

As expected a few weeks later she received a message to report to Philip Smith’s office at a time when she was not flying. Two days later she sat in front of the Station Manger who had her file on his desk. He told her that she been caned three times during the first four months of the six month period and asked her if she thought it was an effective Programme. Linda told him that she did feel it had been effective and that since her last caning she had actively been getting to the crew bus at least fifteen minutes early and was even getting irritated by other girls that cut it fine – just as she had done twice and had deserved to be punished. He asked her about what she thought about being caned and the three levels she had so far received. Linda told him that make no mistake a caning is an awful experience but in reality it lasts only two and half minutes – additionally there is a definite step up with pain from getting the cane over your skirt to the receiving it to your bare bottom, which was additionally very embarrassing. He reminded her that she now had two months to keep her nose clean and he would hopefully not see her in the meantime.

On the six-month anniversary she was again told to report to the Station Manager who asked her to sit down as he reviewed her employment file. He told her he was pleased that she had successfully stayed out of trouble for two months and added that he had started to see some very positive reports about her performance.

He again asked her again if she thought the Programme had been a good thing and as an alternative to more official sanctions. She told him that it had been preferable, and that in reality being caned had worked in a way that losing pay or leave would not have. She said that official sanctions would have caused resentment and may have led to her wanting to leave the airline – but being put through the Programme had in many ways brought her closer to him as Station Manager and the Head of Security – adding that she felt that she absolutely deserved both of the punishments for being late, although being caned for the passenger complaints was hard as she felt on the flight in question she was the only hostess trying to sort out an absolute shambles.

Linda went onto to tell Smith that the Programme had made her think about what she wanted from her career and she had decided to work hard to progress as an excellent member of the team – and as such her objective was to be promoted to a Number One on the Regional Fleet. She added that in some ways she regretted reaching the end of the Programme as it had provided a kind of framework and goals to work toward – also that it had made her accountable in a way she had never been held before. She asked if it were possible for him to keep some kind of focus on her performance and that would be very grateful if she could meet more often for an assessment, adding that she wanted to know anything less positive as well as good reports. She also said that she had ideas about how the airline could provide a better service particularly on the very short sectors, which she would like to share with him at some stage.

Philip Smith asked her if she had an ultimate ambition to which Linda instantly responded with “yes, to be a Cabin Service Director on the 747 fleet back at the main base.”

She then astounded Philip Smith that by saying “you may think me mad, but that for completeness I am prepared to take the next level punishment as a way of signing off the six-month Programme and to underline how committed I am to the airline.” He replied that he was extremely surprised but at the same time impressed with her new attitude and asked, “do you want to make an appointment for tomorrow or did you want me to find out if Mike Dawson is available right now”.

Linda told him “lets go for it”. Smith picked up the phone and called Mike Dawson to see if he had fifteen minutes to spare – to which he said he’d be free in ten minutes. Smith decided to spend the ten minutes talking about her previous punishments – in truth he was interested in her paddling in the US, and she told him about the experience in more detail and how the wooden paddle differed from the cane.

He also told her that she was certainly different and that requesting a caning having done nothing wrong was unusual to say the least, especially as the next level was twelve strokes. In reality Linda thought she had gone mad, but there was a part of her that was looking forward to being caned again and having the focus of the two men completely to herself. She also knew that a caning had some strange and pleasurable after effects. The phone went and it was Dawson telling Smith that he was now free.

A couple of minutes later Linda was again undressing before the two men – but this time feeling strangely empowered. Kicking her shoes off, the skirt came down her legs as she stepped out of it before slowly removing her tights and lastly her skimpy knickers making no attempt to hide her nudity. She even asked if they would like her to take off her shirt which Dawson told her there was nothing to stop her. Moments later she was standing before them in just a bra – they had previously been treated to the sight of her naked below the waist, but now they could take in her whole figure with her shapely legs flaring up to her hips with a nicely trimmed pubic triangle and slim waist plus getting more than a hint of her extremely well proportioned breasts. Far from the humiliation she had suffered at her last caning, Linda was actually enjoying being almost naked and showing off her body to the two men – almost as if she was being a bit of an exhibitionist.

Without being told Linda stepped toward the trestle and bent right over it reaching down the far side with her legs stretched out behind her. She was turned on thinking and hoping that they would again be admiring her bottom, a part of her anatomy that she was particularly proud of. She had no reason to worry as Smith and Dawson were taking in the most perfect bottom before them once more.

Smith asked her as this caning was on her terms was she happy to stay with the thirty-second interval between strokes. Linda replied that was fine – and Mike Dawson lined up the cane across the very center of her bottom before delivering a terrific first stroke just as hard as anything she had experienced so far. Now she knew she had gone mad and whilst it had only ten weeks since her last caning, she realised in horror that she had allowed the whole experience to overshadow the actuality of being caned as the tremendous pain sank into her bottom. The second stroke was just as bad and struck lower down, but Linda knew that as she had asked for it, she had no choice but to stay in position and just ‘take it’. Dawson proceeded at thirty second intervals getting louder and louder gasps from Linda and after she had taken her sixth stroke, Dawson stood back and told her that he was going to give her a longer pause before the final six. Smith went directly behind Linda to study her bottom, which now had six perfectly spaced cane marks and complimented Dawson on his accuracy.

Linda was grateful for the pause, but knew that when the next stroke came she would have exactly two and a half minutes of pure pain until the final stroke. Dawson picked up the cane again and whipped in the seventh. Then something strange happened – after the pause, Linda was better able to cope and take the pain. As she lay there she even started to ‘want’ the next stroke. She was in a ‘zone’ that she had not previously experienced – each cane stroke was still unbelievably painful, but she was enduring the caning more easily. It was almost as if the pain was layered and the first six had created a base of pain that wasn’t getting dramatically worse.

Mike Dawson was doing a great job and was filling in the white gaps in an attempt not to have two strokes in exactly the same place. As Linda endured the eighth, ninth and tenth strokes she stayed still and was completely silent for the first time during any of her canings. With only two to go Dawson left slightly longer gaps, but delivered two absolute corkers to finish her caning after which Linda just stayed in position and absorbed the red-hot pain in her bottom.

After a minute she was asked to stand and facing the two men naked save for her bra was asked if she was satisfied with her Level Four Caning. She told them that she was and thanked Mike Dawson for a first class caning and added she was glad it was over adding that the first six were even more painful than she anticipated – and also saying that it would take some time for her bottom to stop feeling as if it was on fire. Smith told her that he would continue to keep an eye on her performance and hoped she achieved her ambitions. Linda then surprised them again by telling Philip Smith that if she achieved her ultimate goal of going back to HQ as a long haul Cabin Service Director, maybe she would return and become only the second hostess to take a Level Five Caning. Smith simply smiled and said they would be delighted to congratulate her in a rather strange way!

In less than ten minutes Linda had experienced a roller-coaster ride of experiences. She had enjoyed being an exhibitionist in undressing before the men, had felt turned on by the thought of them looking at her bare bottom bent-over, had been horrified by the sheer pain of the initial cane strokes, had started to ‘want’ the latter cane strokes and now had a red-hot bottom that she knew was going to give her some pleasure later.

They suggested that she might put her clothes back on – which she did slowly before shaking both their hands and returning to the accommodation block. She immediately undressed and looked at her damaged bottom in the mirror – which now a mass of redness although she could make out most of the strokes. Laying on her bed it did not take long for the inevitable climax as she thought about the whole six months – in truth she did not know it at the time, but she was on her way to becoming a real life submissive.


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