Gentleman’s Agreement – Janus 95

Juliet Tessler was quality. From the top of her sleek blonde hair to the tips of her patent black court shoes she oozed efficiency. The secretary supreme. The job interview was with Nick Dickson, one in a long line of similar encounters since she had been job hunting for the past eight months.

‘You see, Miss Tessler, it’s important that you understand my requirement for strict office and time keeping disciplines.’
Her eyes did not flinch as she assessed the implications of this remark. ‘I assure you,’ she said, ‘that no one can be harder on me than I am on myself.’

Nick Dickson leaned forward. ‘Then do I take it you’d have no objection to paying the penalty for any mistakes or lapses of judgement?’

Juliet swallowed hard. ‘If you explain precisely want you mean, Mr Dickson,’ Juliet said carefully, ‘then I shall be able to consider the matter.’

Nick saw no point in further delay. He reached under the desk and brought out a long, whippy, crook-handled cane…

As promised we are featuring some photos from Lucy Bailey’s first appearance in Janus as Juliet Tessler. Look out for some exclusive unpublished photos of Lucy when Janus 129 becomes available shortly. To see more of Lucy’s punishment at the hands of Nick Dickson, you can download a copy of Janus 95 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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