Friends in High Places (Part 1) – Janus 127

A couple of weeks ago when we covered the photo fantasy ‘Double Take’ from Janus 127, we mentioned that the magazine included a few pyjama punishment photos.

These photos accompanied the story ‘Friends in High Places’, which describes a painful punishment with a carpet beater for two French sisters, Marie and Aline. As only a couple of images had been featured in the magazine, the negatives had actually been sitting in a pile we’d previously not been able to match up.

Only one roll of film was taken to capture the chastisement of both sisters but we hope you’ll agree that these simple and beautiful photos deserve to be seen. First up for correction is Aline and if you check back next week you can see Marie on the receiving end.

To read Michael Bryant’s excellent story download a copy of Janus 127 here.

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