Free Spanking Photos From Februs 18

‘Someone’s Got To Do It’ by Julie Holmes – Free Spanking Photos from Februs 18.

What a way to earn a living! Carolyn Pett sighed as yet another miscreant tapped timorously at her study door. This one would have to wait a while: the last one had really sapped Carolyn’s energy. A few minutes passed and the gentle knock came again.

‘Come in.’ Carolyn had a voice that managed to be simultaneously chilling and welcoming. To the young women called to attend her study, it was quite simply terrifying (but then they knew the accounts and rumours of what happened to naughty girls bidden to the inner sanctum.) Mandy Dawes shuffled in and stood passively at her side. Not an auspicious start: Carolyn had more respect for those who strode in with a businesslike “lets get this over” air that matched her own.

She sighed. ‘Okay Mandy, this isn’t the first time you’ve been here, so lets get on with it shall we? Your work is still slap-dash and you show no enthusiasm for personal development. It’s my duty to help you develop a more positive outlook.’ They both knew what would happen next.

‘I want you to kneel up on my chair, face the wall and push your bottom out.’

We hope you enjoy seeing this selection of unpublished spanking photos from Februs 18. To see more of Mandy’s punishment you can download a copy of the magazine by clicking on the highlighted link.

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