Fiona’s Janus Weekend Continues…

Just published today is the second part of Fiona Lewison’s brilliant account of her ‘Janus Weekend’. You can read Part Two by clicking on the highlighted link but just to whet your appetite…

After taking out the plimsoll, I had to lock the cupboard and put the key back in the drawer, then hand the plimsoll to Maurice. The position I had to adopt involved bending over the back of the chair with my forearms flat against the seat. I’m not particularly tall, and it’s quite a high-backed chair, so it meant going on tip-toes. And this, of course, made my bottom stick up in the air very prominently. I had a picture of two gigantic red balloons, and it made me very self-conscious. But I suppose that was the general idea. It’s a very submissive position, like you’re bottom’s not yours anymore and you’ve given it to someone else. I felt in some strange way detached from it, and I think that may have helped.

I had to bare my own bottom for this punishment, and it’s the first time I’ve ever done such a thing. I’ve always had my knickers yanked down for me, so it naturally felt very different to follow a command and do it myself. It is, if I think about it, the most submissive thing I’ve ever done. And part of me liked it. Part of me hated it too, but that mixture of emotions goes for pretty much the entire weekend so far.

You can find all of Fiona’s writing for Janus on our free Spanking Stories page and the final part of her account will be published here next week.

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