Februs 48 – Free Spanking Photos

A selection of unpublished spanking photos of Sally Jones from Februs 48.

Sally Jones picks her way across the grounds. City-girl that she is, she is dressed for summer still: casually smart in her low-cut sleeveless top, plain skirt and strappy sandals. She has a jacket draped over the back of her chair but was not allowed to fetch it before starting on her mission. The air is chilly and the grass is damp. Sally is not happy. She has been told to collect a bunch of twigs no shorter than two feet and no longer than three. They must not be too soggy or too brittle (too soggy or brittle for what? she wonders). No great quantity is required: a handful will do, those with small offshoots will be most acceptable.

Sally doesn’t understand the significance of her manager’s instructions and she is worried about what will happen when she returns to the office…

We hope you enjoy seeing these unpublished photos from Februs 48. To see more of Sally’s punishment you can download a digital copy of Februs 48 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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