Encore Janus 2 and other Digital Downloads

Encore Janus 2 is now available to download and it features the first 80 photos from ‘The Punishment Officer’ photo shoot, which appeared in Janus 20.  The presence of Antonia du Bois elevates this classic, thirty-year-old photo story to legendary status among collectors.  Almost all the black and white photos have survived which means a total of 240 high quality images remain for our enjoyment.

Each image is presented on a full page to create the best possible record of this severe story.  Many of these photos are appearing for the first time and none have been seen in this quality before.  Encore Janus 2 focuses on Diana Parsons visit to the Punishment Officer and you’ll find a couple of images from the magazine below.  Also still available is Encore Janus 1 which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the St Winifred’s Trilogy. Both magazines are now on sale at £5 each.

Antonia appears in Encore Janus 3, which will be available to download next Friday.

Also added to our online shop today are Februs 6 and Janus Vol.5 No.11. Click on the highlighted links to download any of these magazines.

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