Double Delight – An Original Spanking Story

An original spanking story by Andrew Grantham from Janus 31. More free spanking stories are available here.


THE HEADMASTER, a large broad man with a face that seemed to have been wiped clean of bluffness and geniality shook hands with Mr Blake, the youngest of the school’s governors.

‘I have two girls to be caned,’ said Mr Hargreaves. ‘I’m sorry you have been troubled.’

‘Not at all,’ smiled Mr Blake, his blue eyes twinkling at the prospect in store. ‘One has to take the rough with the smooth.’

The young governor did not say whether he thought witnessing a caning came under the category of ‘rough’ or ‘smooth’. Actually it was the best part of being a governor of Abbeyfield School. Abbeyfield was a very expensive Girls’ Boarding School with an excellent academic record. It was a very strict school but canings were the exception rather than the rule. It was also a rule that a school governor attended such occasions. Firstly, he was an impartial witness and secondly, it showed the erring young ladies just how serious the situation was. An Abbeyfield girl might be caned once, but never twice.

‘We’ll get it over with right away,’ sighed the Head. ‘Then you can take tea with us.’

He went outside to give his secretary an instruction and then he produced a thin, crook-handled cane from the centre drawer of a large oak desk. The desk was a piece of furniture that would make an American antiques collector drool with envy. Mr Blake ran a comb through his tidy, fair hair and brushed away some imaginary flecks from his neat grey suit. Then he moved his chair to the wall. This was an excellent position from which to view the caning. There was a timid knock on the door.

‘Come in!’ called out Mr Hargreaves, drawing himself up to his full height and clutching at the lapels of his checked sports jacket.

The door opened to admit a tall blonde girl. Mr Blake’s mouth dropped open at the sight of the gorgeous creature. She invoked a twinge in his scrotum right away. The girl closed the door by leaning her back against it. She remained in that position for several long seconds before moving to the centre of the room. Her legs were slim and superbly shaped and she teetered on narrow, high-heeled shoes as she approached the desk.

‘Diana,’ began Mr Hargreaves.

‘No sir.’ She shook her head, a mop of blonde bubble curls. ‘Felicity.’

‘Well Felicity,’ said the Head slowly. ‘Perhaps you would like to tell Mr Blake, the governor, exactly why you are being caned.’

She turned to look at the fair-haired young man. Her face flushed and she bit her lip. Felicity hesitated, but she was well aware of the fact that the independent witness had to know exactly what she had done that warranted the ultimate punishment that Abbeyfield School could give. The governor was only just getting over the shock of seeing such a beautiful girl. He gazed, almost in awe, at her. Felicity was a limpid-eyed blonde who looked as if more than butter had just melted in her mouth.

The electric tingling in his loins increased as Felicity guiltily and haltingly recounted her ‘crime’. It was more than butter that had melted in her mouth. The gardener’s boy had got the sack but Felicity was to get the cane! She hung her head contritely after her confession. Mr Blake stared at her with the same intensity as a fan would stare at his film idol. Felicity was obviously a girl who created havoc in the hearts and loins of all who saw her.

‘Don’t you agree that such conduct is absolutely disgraceful?’ Mr Hargreaves asked of the governor.

Mr Blake agreed – eventually. Somehow the words seemed to stick in his throat. There was an aura of sensual innocence about the girl – a sort of wet-dream like quality. Her eyes, large and long-lashed, looked at the young governor. They were inviting, challenging almost. The gardener’s boy couldn’t have had a chance. The poor lad might have got the sack, but he probably wouldn’t care if he never worked again. He watched her closely as Mr Hargreaves delivered a lecture. Mr Blake wasn’t listening to it and he doubted very much whether Felicity was either. Her mouth was like a little rosebud and her front teeth, which were slightly prominent, served only to increase the girl’s sensual appeal.

Mr Blake wisely decided to cross one leg over the other. He sat, spellbound. Felicity was wildly beautiful. Her eyes were so big and blue, he felt he could jump off a springboard and swim in them. Mr Hargreaves carried on with his homily. He seemed to be completely unmoved by the girl’s beauty. Perhaps his many years in the company of young beauties had dulled his senses. The young governor wished that the event could be witnessed by a video camera so that he could relive it over and over again. He tried to memorise every detail of the girl’s looks and appearance so that he could bring her to mind whenever he wished. Her nose seemed just right for the mouth. The eyes were exactly the right size and shape and colour for her hair and everything.

‘Remove your clothing, Felicity!’

Mr Blake’s heart lurched as he heard the order barked by the Headmaster. Felicity’s tongue darted out and she flicked it across her lips. Her nostrils flared. It was customary for Abbeyfield girls to be naked when they were being caned. Many years ago, when the rules had been laid down, Abbeyfield girls left the school long before they reached their eighteenth birthday. Although it now catered for girls taking their ‘A’ levels, no-one had thought fit the change to rules. Besides, schools like Abbeyfield did not like seeing their customs changed, even if it meant sixth formers baring their all.

So it was that Felicity lowered her head and started to remove her white blouse with long, trembling fingers. When it was open all the way, she shrugged her lovely body out of it and laid it on the Headmaster’s desk. Her flesh was firm and youthful. Her breasts filled out her brassiere. Was that the next piece of clothing she would discard? No. Her hands went to the fastener of her navy blue skirt. Suddenly it slid down her legs and landed at her feet. They were the most graceful legs that Mr Blake had ever seen – bare, shapely and expertly moulded.

She twisted as she extricated her feet. Her skimpy pants clung to her bottom, leaving taut crescents of delectable flesh visible to Mr Blake. Mr Hargreaves tapped the palm of one hand with the cane whilst he waited patiently for Felicity to complete her undressing.Her bra was next. Suddenly it was off. A little embarrassed, Felicity tried to cover herself. All she did however was to display her white exciting breasts to even greater advantage. She seemed to be holding two captured doves in her hands.

Mr Blake’s eyes moved on downwards. Her semi-transparent panties revealed the wad of hairs beneath. Even before they were removed it was obvious that Felicity was a natural blonde. Her ‘collar and cuffs’ matched perfectly. To peel down her knicks she had to take her hands away from her upper half. Her two full white mounds were perfectly proportioned and her tiny, bright pink nipples were erect and very pretty. Mr Blake naturally stared at the blonde pubic curls. If only he could entwine them around his fingers…

Her embarrassment gone, Felicity displayed her body to his hungry gaze before Mr Hargreaves moved around to the other side of his desk. Her nudity had the startling quality of an alabaster statue. The sight was almost too much to take in. Almost!

‘Over the desk please, Felicity,’ ordered the Headmaster.

The girl took a deep breath with her beautiful breasts rising proudly. Then she teetered on the high-heeled shoes towards the desk. Stretching out her arms, she lay over the highly polished top of one of Abbeyfield’s precious heirlooms and poked her rear high into the air. Her bottom looked like two smooth balls with golden wisps curling between them. Mr Blake uncrossed his legs, made an adjustment for his personal comfort and then crossed them again. Mr Hargreaves lined up the cane by placing it on the round target. Then he raised it high into the air before bringing it down with all his power.

The result sounded like a pistol shot. Felicity gave vent to a loud ‘Owww!’

Her bottom looked like a hot cross bun with a thin red line at right angles to her deep dividing cleft. Mr Blake hit her again. Her body trembled, then she went rigid emitting a little squeal as she did so. Now there was a set of tramlines running straight across the delightful contours of her posterior. The Head brought down the cane once more. It was the halfway mark. Another stripe, lower down this time, adorned Felicity’s young and tender bum flesh. The blonde howled and Mr Blake’s nostrils flared as he watched her writhing haunches.

Her pretty bottom was just not pretty anymore – or maybe, in a way, it was more pretty than ever! Mr Hargreaves had really laid into her. The poor girl was going to experience discomfort for some time. The Headmaster paused in his efforts. The sore bumcheeks clenched as they waited for the next cut.

‘Yeeowww!’ roared out Felicity as the cane hit the join between her thighs and buttocks.

There were still two to go. Mr Blake knew that the Head would not let up. Felicity knew it too. Sobbing openly now, her hands clenched and unclenched tremulously.


‘Ow.. oh.. ooh.. agh!’ yelled out the stricken girl as the cane dug into her rich moons.

Her legs flailed obscenely. Mr Blake had picked the perfect position. Now he had seen absolutely everything Felicity had to offer. The governor sighed. There was only one more stroke to go. What a pity! He wanted it to go on and on. Mr Hargreaves waited for the girl to stop squirming. He didn’t like the way she had parted her thighs but it couldn’t really be helped. The cane began its whipping descent. There were five marks disfiguring the girl’s bum. And there would still be only five when he had delivered the sixth and last stroke. The last one cracked into one of the earlier weals and Felicity nearly went berserk. Then her back arched and she squealed softly for a long few seconds. Visibly she relaxed and moaned again very softly to herself.

She lay panting for a while. Mr Hargreaves moved slowly round to the other side of the desk. Mr Blake stared at the slashed buttocks and the valley between until Felicity stood painfully upright. Crying openly, she put her clothes back on to cover up the lovely body that the Creator had given to her. She rubbed her eyes with her fists as Mr Hargreaves delivered a few final, well-chosen words.

‘We’ll have the other one in now,’ he ended by saying.

Felicity hobbled out of the room. Mr Blake felt the loss of her presence immediately the door closed behind her. It was almost a traumatic shock.

There was another timid knock. Then the door opened to admit the second girl who was down for a caning. Mr Blake had been so absorbed in the delights of Felicity that he had forgotten there was to be a second caning. His mouth dropped open. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The gorgeous, bubble-curled creature teetered towards the Headmaster on her narrow, high-heeled shoes. Her legs were so long it seemed as though they were never going to stop.

‘Well, Diana,’ began Mr Hargreaves.

Mr Blake had still not recovered from his shock when Felicity’s twin sister turned towards him to confess in a voice sweetly softened by shame what she, too, had done with the gardener’s boy.


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