Diet Unparalleled – Februs 36

With Wimbledon around the corner we thought we’d feature 18-year-old Julianne McGregor and her coach Sylvia Jenkins. Sylvia’s unorthodox coaching regime includes exercise, routine, diet and suppression but when all else fails there is always corporal punishment.

“I’m not punishing you for doing something wrong, but caning you in order to help you get things right” Sylvia explains chirpily. The humour is lost on Julianne, who is still trying to make sense of the word ‘caning’…

This correspondent was always a little disappointed that we never got to see Sylvia Jenkins on the receiving end of a good hiding. We hope you enjoy this selection of unpublished photos from the Februs archive. 

We’ve had a number of requests to feature out-takes from our photo shoots and we’re pleased to include a couple of delightful shots from this session. To see the rest of Julianne’s punishment you can download a copy of Februs 36 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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