Janus 147 tells the story of two extremely pretty eighteen-year-old students at the ‘La Fontaine’ Finishing School for Young Ladies in Switzerland.

Holly Higson-Burnett and Nicolette Svabo have been sent to see Professeur Alain Paramor to account for their offences. Their many crimes include persistent bad manners to staff, inattention or indifference to most lessons, absence without being given leave, smoking and bullying.

Special sanctions are clearly necessary and both girls find themselves waiting anxiously in the Penance Room for a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry. We hope you enjoy this selection of previously unpublished images from the Janus archive.

Janus returned to the La Fontaine Finishing School in issue 148, more of which later this week. You can download digital copies of both magazines by clicking on the highlighted links above.

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